Monday, June 15, 2015

Tee shirt fun!

Today was tee shirt assembly day! I did move some of the Tee shirts and the bike block around so the bike block would be horizontal instead of vertical. I also added tires to the bike block. The rest went along with ease and I had fun adding the pops of southwest colors that the customer wanted. The quilt ended up almost the exact size she requested, so only the bottom edge got a border strip. The rest of the sides will have the sienna colored fabric as their binding. Tomorrow, I will assemble the backing and maybe do some of the quilting. I do have another quilt waiting for me to do, so I may quilt it first.
Finished tee shirt top
Bicycle block for a bicycling enthusiast
I am still loving those socks!
Mr Wazoo did a Christmas quilt today with the snowflake pantograph.
Christmas in June!
Snowflake quilting
We also had an interesting job come in, but I am keeping you in suspense as to what it is. Let's just say it will take some pondering on my part before I begin to work on it. Ooooo! Sounds like an adventure, for sure!

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