Sunday, July 19, 2015

Late night binding marathon

I finished the binding for the Wisconsin quilt while watching police dramas on the tube. I put the quilt on our queen sized bed to see how it looked, and I am satisfied with the result! It will be mailed to it's new home tomorrow.
Front side

Back side

Mr Wazoo worked in the studio as well, and got the two tee shirt quilts finished so they can be mailed, too. Then he went out to play, and had a great time spreading mulch on the back rock garden. It sure is nice to look out the kitchen window and see plants and rocks instead of red clay with rivulets in it. Thanks, Tim!

My next 'sitting project' will be this antique Irish chain repair. The customer wasn't sure it was worth fixing, but it only has frayed pieces on the front, and they are confined to the white patches. I had her consent to cut off the trashed white border, and after doing that, I added new binding. Hopefully, this will be helpful when the repair begins. I have the pieces prepared, and now, just have to applique them in. An evening, TV watching project.

Today, I will be in the studio doing some custom quilting. It's looking gray outside, so Mr Wazoo might be there, too...we'll see!

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