Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The sun came out! We're back to work.

Why is it that my sister was here for seven days and it managed to rain during all of them? And then, as soon as they leave the driveway...out comes the sun!!

Things have had a chance to dry out a bit, and Tim is glad to be back in his element; dirt. Yesterday, he dug a trench all along the side of the perennial garden so the water will not flood the plants every time it rains.

Today, he laid a drain pipe in the trench and buried it, planted grass seed, and put straw on top.

The front plantings are all in and mulched. Tim added a drain box to the pipe underneath, and all unwanted water will drain away next to the driveway.
                                                                        I quilted.





After work, I worked on my applique blocks before making supper and settling in for the evening. It's been a good day.


The UPS truck pulled in after supper and delivered another quilt-to-be!

I'll be working tomorrow in my studio...and Tim will be working out here...

The back rock garden has plastic on it to keep it from having all the dirt wash away during the recent rain storms. It all has to come off, the dirt be replaced and the plants put in. We expect a week of fair weather, so Tim will be busy!

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