Thursday, July 16, 2015

Woo Hoo!! Top and back finished

Last night, I finally gave up on finishing the top of the customer quilt at 7 PM. I just couldn't sew another seam!! There was some picking and some frustration during the day, slowing down the progress. I won't tell the story of the second batch of 64 nine patches that didn't look good...
The first half, all sewn and pressed
The second half, ready to sew
Today, I started early and soldiered through the rows for the top, finishing it at lunchtime.

Yippee!! The top is done!

After celebrating with some leftover spinach lasagna (just like Popeye, it made me strong to the finish!) I began to assemble the pieced backing. The customer wanted the night sky in the quilt, but I just couldn't make it look right on the front. The other fabrics were too earthy and soft. I had some blocks in my orphan block box that fit the bill perfectly! The night sky fabrics were another stash find, and the other fabrics are in the top. The transition from the woodland panel to the night sky is a batik, also from my stash. All in all, a very pretty quilt on the back as well, don't you think?

This is what I came up with for the back. I like it too!
The quilting will have to wait. I have a line-up of quilts to be done. Mr Wazoo did his job yesterday, quilting two beautiful customer quilts. Today was too nice for him to be inside.

Nice patriotic quilt, done by Mr Wazoo
panto: Star spangled banner
Pretty Christmas quilt . Mr Wazoo did this, too!
Panto: Holly Berries

I have a few appointments tomorrow to take on more quilts, as well as a visit with my friend, Stephanie. Our sewing group was pre-empted by a church rummage sale, so it was a work day for me alone at home. I got a lot accomplished, but I missed seeing the ladies!

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