Monday, August 31, 2015

Another weekend in the books

We had a fast paced, fun, quilty weekend here at Wazoo. I finished the tee shirt quilt for the customer who wanted it in two days. Whew! Two long days of sewing to get 'er done.
Tee shirt quilt, hot off the Gammill
Panto: Basket case
Backing: Boho Bandana
Mr Wazoo worked on quilts both days due to inclement weather, and got these quilts ready to go home.
Long, slim quilt for sitting in a recliner
Panto: Autumn Oaks
Really cool dish cupboard quilt
Panto: Nouveau shells
Today, I quilted a couple of charity quilts; one I made and one from the guild. I have been doing the hand sewing on the binding while watching a chick flick on the Hallmark channel. Total no brainer.
My charity quilt
I also got a start on the first of two quilt restorations I took in last week. The customer gave me permission to cut off part of the quilt, making it smaller, but easier to repair. She just wants to be able to display it at the end of a bed, so it didn't matter if it was smaller.
Antique quilt for repair

Oh no
I replaced one section (triangle) with some of the cut off part
Oh yes... here is the Employee of the month. He is so camera shy...
I had to pull on his ear to get him to turn his head enough for a picture!!
Congratulations, Tim. A whole month without a meltdown over a quilt project!

Tomorrow, I have a beautiful french braid quilt to do. I'd better go to be and get a good night's sleep so I'll be ready to quilt! Good night!

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