Sunday, August 16, 2015

Getting close to the finish line!!

I spent today in the studio feverishly trying to get the appliqué quilt top done. No dice! I am getting closer, however. I made the owl today. He was fun! I like the face most of all.
Mr Owl, looking wise and powerful
Love the face!
Tim worked outside all day. No photos, but he was all sweaty when he came in, so I assume he had fun.
I started in on the branch with squirrels, some birds of my own design, and lots of leaves. Because I really have to do customer work tomorrow, I will have to sideline those critters for later.

I started the last corner with the bias branch pieces.
A sneak peek at what's to come
Bird, branch and leafy parts.
Even I deserve a day doing what I want to do...and today was the day! I'm happy and energized to go to work tomorrow.

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