Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Taking in quilts, tying up loose ends and an anniversary

The day started with a customer pick-up, then a drop off, and then I finished the top to my pieced show quilt. It is a really simple pattern, but I think I will have a ball with the quilting!
Tula Pink pattern, I'm calling mine Alphabet Soup
The afternoon customer brought two quilts in for repair. Whoa! The smell was BIG and BAD! After she left, I treated one with Febreze and that did the trick. It is a trip around the world pattern with mostly plaids from early 1900s shirtings. I'll take some pictures tomorrow when the smell is less potent.
After filing my quilts with the registrar, I started the ribs for the anniversary dinner and  (gasp!) took a nap! I have been so tired, I couldn't function any longer. Molly and I lay down for an hour and that did the trick.
With an hour to burn before supper would be ready, I did the buttonhole stitching on the wall hanging I am making for my soon to be born grandson. I would like to have it finished and sent to them before they get the entire nursery set up.
Happy Families Neighborhood
World kids house
Ladybug house
Cat family house
Dog family house

Frog family house
Cow family house
33 years with Mr Wazoo, and still talking to each other! 33 years ago we were surf fishing in South Carolina and camping in a tent at the beach. Money was tight and time together was a precious commodity. Tim had two full time jobs and I was in my last year of nursing school, had four kids to take care of and worked part-time ironing clothes for a consignment shop. We've come a long way from there, but still enjoy the simple pleasures like sitting on the porch in the evening and watching the deer pass by. The kids are all adults with full lives and seem to be pretty happy with their jobs and their kids. 33 years is good!
August 26, 1982
Just Married!
The new family group on our wedding day
Our family in 2013

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