Saturday, August 15, 2015

Work, work, work...RACCOONS!!

My goal today was to finish my work and add raccoons to my appliqué quilt. I started by piecing and assembling the third, and last, memory quilt. Yesterday, I bought the backings for all three quilts, so I also cut and sewed them.
And then there were three...
Tim rocked this outer space quilt.

Cool space quilt
Panto: Blast Off
Even cooler backing!
Then, at 6PM, I made raccoons!!
They're not sewn down yet, but I am so happy to have them made.
They are so cute! Tomorrow, I will sew them down.
7:30...frozen pizza and fresh tomato salad.
Then I finished the binding on the customer quilt with all the mismatched squares.

Off to bed to dream of my raccoons.

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