Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Alpaca batting!!

Yesterday, I had some fun...I think. A customer had called and asked if I could quilt a project using alpaca batting she had. Why not?! Bring it on. This was an experiment of hers, along with the alpaca owner, to make and use the hair as batting in quilts. The batting itself was a mat type consistency, and had to be handled with care because there is no scrim holding it together. She had fused the 18 inch sheets of batt together for two seams in this small batt. It quilted okay, but is really dense and caused the quilt to be rather stiff, even though I used a really open pattern on it. It was also unevenly thick to thin, and this resulted in areas where I felt the machine slogging along to quilt through the layers. In the end, it made a quilt that will warm your toes, no doubt!! There was some shedding during the quilting process, but using a lint roller would fix that. Also, the batting is dark brown, and would not be good in a light colored quilt. I would give it a C if I had to grade it. I will stick to Quilter's Dream!
Lap quilt using alpaca batting
It made for great definition in the quilting
the back
Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo did this exciting and bright Laurel Birch quilt. I have made this exact quilt for my Mom years ago. Love it!
Laurel Birch Jungle quilt
Panto: Jungle Fever
Wonderful backing, too!
I also quilted this braid quilt. I love the soft color palette.
It was an interesting day here, and that's why I love my job! Always a challenge in the wings, waiting to be tackled.On to the next challenge...a huge peacock themed quilt. Stay tuned!

Custom quilting
A peek at the back

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