Sunday, September 27, 2015

Good news, bad news...for one customer, that is...

Both Mr Wazoo and I took a whack at quilting the second alpaca batting quilt from our customer. The quilt top was made of homespun fabric, making it less stable than  a tighter weave cotton fabric. Putting in the thick, dense alpaca fur batting made doing a pantograph impossible. The hopping foot pushed the fabric in front of it because the batting forced the fabric flush against the foot. He removed the stitched pattern with minimal grumbling, and then I took a try just stitching in the dice. I picked out the new stitching and Tim took the quilt off the frame. This was only the third quilt I have not been able to quilt. Not bad for nine years of doing customer quilts!

The good news is, the customer's second quilt was flat, square, pretty and had regular batting!

Panto: Rosie

I also finished the small McKenna Ryan wall hanging with the tulle overlay. Came out nice, and I was happy!

I settled in to watch the Pope's last appearance in the U.S, a mass in Philadelphia where 850,000 people came!! I'm not Catholic, but I think this Pope is the finest Christian I have ever seen in action. While watching the mass, I sewed the embellishments to my appliqué quilt. I just need to sew down the sleeve and it will be done!
One down, one to go!


  1. I love that top quilt! The pattern is great and the quilting choice was perfect. :) I'd love to see how different it looks with another color palette.

    1. All I know about the top is that the customer had it for 42 years before having it quilted! I agree that different colors would be beautiful.


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