Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day labor

We took the day off from customer work...sort of, and had some fun yesterday. Tim worked in the yard (I know this sounds tedious, but it really is where you will find him on any given day) and also put up some hooks in the garage for his yard tools. I sewed!
From the back porch. Here is where the bear made his debut!
Tiki man guards the back
Some of the trees are starting to change
Hmmmm...not strange flowers, but marking where Tim is putting the fire pit
One of my guilds has a challenge going, and I made the quilt for that. I will show it here after the meeting later in the month. They have a vote for the quilt you like best, and I want to win the prize...a $25 gift certificate to the quilt shop! The fabric for the challenge is a yellow ground with little stars. Here is a teaser from the quilt.

After finishing the challenge quilt, I made a charity quilt, quilted it and put on the binding. I will do the hand sewing tonight, since last night was spent sewing down the binding on the big customer quilt.
I was remiss in posting for a couple of days, so here are the projects we finished. Have a wonderful day, and keep on quilting!
Customer quilt for her priest. I sewed the binding last night
Panto: Square spiral
The customer wanted custom quilting on this quilt. I on't question...I just do it!

Some of the quilting

More quilting

This customer made the quilt for her sister

Panto: Splat

The little charity quilt, waiting for its binding finish


  1. Did you notice that one of the pinwheels in the customer's quilt is incorrect? If you look at the photo of it lying on the long arm machine, the center left side, bottom right HST is turned wrong. I would imagine it's too late to fix it, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

  2. Almost all of the pinwheels are wrong, plus, no two blocks are the same size!! She is an elderly lady who loves her church and wanted to make a quilt for her priest. Quilting for her is a challenge!

  3. Ah, I understand. In that case - What tremendous character that quilt has! Who wouldn't love a quilt that screams, "I'm different"?


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