Thursday, September 3, 2015

Peacocks and mermaids

Yesterday, we worked all day in the studio. I finished the peacock quilt and applied binding to another customer quilt before going for groceries, one of the dreaded tasks of life.
All stitched up!
Great feather backing

Tim quilted this little sampler, then did a cute mermaid quilt. Oops!! He put the backing on sideways and ran out of backing before he finished the quilt. This is why we measure, measure, measure!! Needless to say, no employee of the month award for September. I called the customer and offered to add another fabric that looked nice with her backing, and she was very forgiving and gracious about his faux pas. He took the quilt off the machine, I sewed some fabric to it, and . after re-pinning, he finished the job. No charge for the quilt, and a contrite quilter. Live and learn...I hope!
Nice sampler
Panto: Hearts surfing
Panto: Ebb and Flow
I got up early, too, so this is what the yard looks like in the morning. Much better time to take pictures because of the dappled light. Very nice. This morning, when Molly was ready for her first back yard foray, Tim stopped in his tracks and did not open the door for her. Why? A herd of deer was eating their breakfast on the ridge, causing Molly to go into a convulsion of barking on the back porch. I missed the whole thing, but was assured there were dozens of deer there. Rats! Maybe next time...

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