Monday, October 12, 2015

Class sample and more wildlife

I worked up a new class sample for the class I will be teaching in two places in the coming months. It actually took longer to decide on what fabrics to use than it did to cut the whole thing out! I may have to make another one to use the fabrics I decided against in the end. I like them all...

The deer family was out for dinner in the apple orchard  when
I came home from a concert on Saturday

The pie bald babies and their mamas were enjoying the nice weather

One doe was really curious and came really close to the car to check me out

Then, they all crossed the road in front of me and went into the woods.
No bucks around.

Tonight, I was sitting in the house doing some paperwork when I heard some suspicious noises outside. Whump!...scrape...scrape...whumpity...scrape
I ran into the bedroom and got Tim up so he could check it out. A bear had overturned the trash can and dragged it about fifteen feet out into the driveway toward the woods.The lid stayed on, thanks to Tim's new locking system! The stupid motion light never came on. And I just put the trail cam in the front yard...facing the wrong direction to get a picture of the bear. We got the camera from the back today and there were no pictures. The batteries were dead. We figured it was a good time to see if we could catch something in the front yard. ha ha, we just can't get it right with this camera. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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