Saturday, January 17, 2015

Design wall and more unpacking finds

We had another busy day here at Wazoo Georgia. While I was off doing the grocery shopping, Tim got the other two drawer units put together and ready for me to fill. While he was busy figuring out the design wall, I quickly moved the fat quarters from the bins on the fabric wall to the new drawers. Now, all that is left of fabric are bits and pieces left over from quilting projects I have finished. I haven't brought in the scrap bins yet, but will be doing that soon.

The drawers are getting fuller.

I found the box of small quilts from the old studio

I'll put them up here after I get everything in it's final place.

Without the bins, there is plenty of room for UFOs and kitted projects.
We worked as a team on the design wall, and had it up in an hour or so. It is 96 inches wide and 81 inches long. That is as far as I can reach, so why make it taller? Tim is thinking of adding a 3/4 round trim to the outside of it to make it looked more finished.

The design wall is made of insulation board covered with Warm and White batting  held in place with duct tape. Tim is trimming the second piece. Piece number one is leaning against the wall behind him.

Both pieces done and ready to install on the wall.

I did find some more of my books! Molly has decided the chair is her favorite spot to watch the progress.

The finished pieces are screwed to the wall. Tim put one inch washers between the batting on the front and the screw head. I covered the washers with bits of batt cut in circles with a hole punched in the middle for the screw. There are screws in all four corners of each piece as well as halfway down each side of both pieces for a total of 12 screwed points. I don't think it will fall off!
Tomorrow, I hope to get the sewing machines and supplies put away and the room tidied up. I would like to start sewing and quilting on Monday. Fingers crossed!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Another day...another 20 boxes emptied.

Mr Wazoo went off to Atlanta today to pick up the extra two drawer units from Ikea. Molly and I stayed home and spent the morning doing odd tasks in the house, and started unpacking again after lunch. I now have all but one box labeled 'fabric' unpacked and sorted. Some of the stuff goes into the drawers Tim brought home today, so it will have to wait until tomorrow to put it away, but the garage is looking less cluttered and I am feeling like the end is at hand!
Poor Molly had a barfy day and has been quiet and subdued. I wish her digestive disorder would go away completely, but it is chronic and will inevitably flare up periodically. We just go with the flow and try to be supportive between up-chucks. She'll be better tomorrow.
Pictures tell the story!
The bookcases are looking good...wish I could find the books.

With the extra drawers, the units hold much more! 

Found the backing fabrics and the solids

Tim went right to work on the cabinets

The shelves are filling up, but not bursting like they were in Florida.

Molly looking puny.

All sorted: ethnic, juvenile,oriental,florals and leafy,homespuns, stripes, dots. shabby chic, batiks, Civil war and different colors. Whew!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fabric Galore shop grand opening!

My friend and I had a fun day in Blairsville today. First, we checked out the Hugs and Kisses quilt group who make quilts for children and nursing home residents. Right up my alley! We met the nicest quilting ladies, all busy making new quilts to give away. You just can't beat quilters for heart, can you? Stephanie will go sew with them next month, but I will miss it due to a conflict with my trip to Florida to work the quilt show. I'll be sure to be there with fabric and machine in March, though. I'm itchin' to be stitchin'!
Next, we popped in at the new quilt shop, Fabric Galore, and the crowds were there, all smiling and happy. The new shop is big and bright with loads of space for fabric. They are getting fabric in, and I am looking forward to visiting often. The classroom is wonderful! It has a large open space with the tables for sewing. There is a Gammill in the back of the room, but Patricia (the owner) says they aren't quilting for customers. I don't care, it is a great place for the machine, and I bet she loves having it there! Best of luck with the shop...we need a quilt shop in town. I hope the quilters patronize it and help it grow. Thanks to Pat and the girls for a fun diversion today.
Quilters love a new shop in town.

The classroom.


An antique cabinet for the fat quarters


Hard working and happy staff!

The owner, Patricia

More fabric, and one of the cutting stations.

You can see how much potential this shop has for growth!

Oh, Melinda! Dawgs.....

Lots of Dawgs!

You said it, Baby!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Making progress

I am too tired to post very much tonight, but I thought you might like to see the unpacking progress. There are fourteen boxes left to go, and then all the fabric will be in the studio! Yippee!

My helper

The big reveal of where the colors go is tonight, too. I'm in love! Lime green and fuchsia are my favorite colors in combination. My quilting books and some supplies go into these shelves.

An entire drawer of yummy

One done, one to go.

We also got the sign up from our last studio. Another long day ends at suppertime

I hung my golden fat quarter I was awarded years ago at guild under the clock. It is for the Order of the Fat Quarter, an honor given to a member who has done great things for the guild.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Still unpacking fabric...

I spent the whole day (except for the brief trip to the dump to get rid of a truck load of boxes) unpacking fabric in the  studio. I can't believe how long this is taking! Tim just keeps bringing in box after box...will it ever end?!
Here is the result of a full day unpacking. I chose to continue with my fabric rolling to store the stash because it has always worked well for me. So easy to take out and replace fabric without disturbing the other fabric.

Bins with fat quarters

Kid fabrics, bright florals, and (ta da!) Kaffe Fassett!

Small pieces I still have to find homes for.

Tim worked in the garage and also unearthed some of our quilting tools. We have to find them because we have quilts waiting!
Whoopee! We have pantos...

and tools...

and quilts!
We'll be back at it tomorrow, and hopefully be done with the fabric stash. We hope... ;o)

Monday, January 12, 2015

A long day with progress made!

We have worked all day in the studio and it doesn't look like we have made a very big dent in what needs to be done. I'm pooped!!
Tim painted the back wall a beautiful periwinkle color as an accent in the all white room. We also bought some lime green and some fuchsia paint, too, but you'll have to wait to see where we put those!
Tim prepares to paint

One coat done

All done!

I began the arduous task of unpacking fabric and finding places to put it where I will have the best access to what's there. I quickly filled the 8 wire bins and we decided we could easily add at least two more to the cabinet. Another trip to Ikea is on the horizon...
Ikea wire basket units

Baskets full of pretty color

The five cabinets behind my machine are all in place and ready for fabric. It is taking longer than I thought it would to unpack and sort the fabric to where I want it to be. Tomorrow, I will work hard to at least have half done.
Wall of shelves for my stash

Shelf wall, my machine and the cutting table

Starting the fabric sorting

New rug is in place, too!

Now its time to boil up some spaghetti and have a sit down in my comfy chair!! The living spaces are looking good!
Time for supper!!

I put my chicken collection on top of the display shelves.

All we need are the window coverings!

Come back and see what happens next!