Friday, February 13, 2015

Getting ready for the trip!

Today was a work day like many others, but we had to get the groceries for the 'batchelor', discuss his quilt work ahead and what he's going to have to eat that won't destroy the kitchen. Ha ha, just kidding about the last one. Tim does pretty well on his own as long as all the meals are planned and everything is readily available. Check! I made a huge pot of soup for him to have for lunches. It smells so good in here...good thing we just ate, or I would be out there getting a bowl to test it.
Anyhoo, today we each got a quilt done. I have another finish in 2015! Well, I will when the binding is stitched down later tonight. This quilt was started when I saw some fabric I really liked, but didn't know what to do with. The store was going out of business, so the companion fabrics were inexpensive, too, so I bought some of all three and went merrily on my way. I would suggest that you never do this. Not knowing what I was going to make made it hard to decide what to do. So I made a bunch of 9-patches and snowball blocks, keeping aside enough focus fabric for a small border. I used all of the fabric.The blocks laid in a straight set didn't make a very big quilt, so I put them on point. It ended up a nice sized lap or nap quilt. Not my usual color palette, but still pretty.
My quilt

Plain white muslin for the back

Quilted with a freehand feather meander
The periwinkle binding matches the little flowers in the focus fabric.
Tim quilted the first of three quilts by the same person, my sister! She likes bright fabrics, too, so this is a rather sedate quilt for her. I love the fabrics!

Tomorrow, I am off on an adventure with Stephanie to check out some old quilts and an old sewing machine at a yard sale. Then I have to get packed. Florida awaits!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

A better day

Today was a much nicer day than yesterday. I got a good night's sleep and felt better because of it. Off to work!
I finished the small wall hanging while Mr Wazoo quilted a beautiful traditional quilt for a Florida customer. I will be taking the Florida quilts along when I go to Punta Gorda for show week.

All finished

The quilt Tim quilted

Pantograph: Brocade

Lovely backing, too!

During the day, Tim changed out the quilt by the door of the studio for the new barn quilt. It looks so bright and cheerful there.
Bound and finished! Hanging by the door in the studio.

Simple quilting did the trick!

After dinner, I hand sewed the binding on the Kaffe Fassett quilt. I have it over me this chilly night while I write this entry for you! Quilts are made to be used and loved, and this one is doing its job well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another finish...Another start!

Today started out slowly with a flare up of my fibromyalgia. Oooo! My back, knees and elbows are hurting so badly, I had trouble getting down to the studio to work. I took some Ibuprofen and finished the quilt I had put on yesterday evening and started quilting. It had to be done so I could get on to customer work. The quilt is a Kaffe Fassett version of Garden Delight, a quilt I teach as a class. I think it turned out really nice, too! So soft...I wish you could feel how drapey and cuddly it is. The backing is a vintage sheet I picked up at Goodwill for $6. Not bad for a cotton king sized flat sheet. I made binding the same blue as the inner border, and have to do the hand sewing to have it totally done.
Garden Delight
Quilting pattern: Splat!
Vintage sheet backing

After a short break, I put on the next customer quilt in the queue; a lovely wall quilt, all hand appliqué.
Small quilts are fun to do because of the instant gratification factor, but today, it wasn't that way. Work a bit...sit a a bit...well, you get it. The stitch in the ditch is nearly finished, but that was it for today. I knocked off at 5pm. 

Don't you just love this?!

Two more blocks to outline. Oh well, tomorrow is another day!

I'm in love with the rooster block.
Thankfully, we had enough chicken leftovers to make a quick dinner. Molly settled into her new doggy bed for the evening, and the sun went down, illuminating just the tops of the trees across from the house. 

No late night for this quilter. I am taking some Advil PM and calling it a day.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Raffle quilt finished! Barn quilt almost finished

It sure was a fruitful day here at Wazoo. I finished the raffle quilt for the guild late this afternoon, and Mr Wazoo has all the colors done on the barn quilt! He just needs to add the black border and it will be ready to hang up.
Tim put it outside to dry. The peak of the front of the house will be the new home of the barn quilt when it's done.

Tim also hung the house number and the blowing man, too.

Through the door window, you can see my Perkiomen 9 patch quilt. The fabric barn quilt will be there when I finish it.

The black parts of the raffle quilt were the only difficult quilting to get right. I did some picking today, but I am pleased with the results. I don't know about you, but I would buy a ticket!

I couldn't get a good picture of the back. I think there is something on the lens of my little camera...or the lights messed it up...who knows?

Tomorrow, I will be starting a very traditional quilt for my Florida customer. I'm having ideas already...