Saturday, March 7, 2015

Neat little light and quilting, of course!

 I thought I would show you the neat little light I got on Amazon for my longarm. It has a bendable neck and is attached to a strong magnet which holds on tightly to the side of my machine. When I have it shining across the quilt instead of straight down , like the built in light, it makes working with white on white, black on black and even the red on red in this quilt much easier to see! I love it. Too bad I didn't know about this light years ago. I don't know how long the bulb(s) last, but they are very bright and don't get hot. I have the cord snaked beside the machine and around the back handle, then down to an extension cord to the surge protector. It moves along nicely with the machine.
This is all there is to it. On/off switch on the magnet part

This is how I have it for quilting. It shines across the quilt, right where I need more light.

With just the machine light

With the new light

Light on...easy to see where I need to be quilting

Machine light only...the quilting is lost on the background.

Of course, we got some quilting done, too. This is the quilt of valor for my customer Carol A. She did a fabulous job with the embroidered header commemorating her family member's service in Viet Nam. It is really a striking quilt. I'm sure he will love it!
quilt of valor

A peek at the back

Mr Wazoo finished the quilt he put on yesterday at quitting time. It has been a good day, and now I think some Kielbasa, cabbage and a baked potato sounds like a fine dinner! Until tomorrow...
Terri P.'s frog and turtle quilt

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fun in the studio with Tim and Susan

What a fun day we had today! I quilted this wonderfully colorful wall hanging and didn't have a single thread break, hiccup from the machine or brain fart while doing it. Felt good.

Tim worked this wintry scene of chickadees on bare branches. We thought long and hard about the pattern, and decided snowflakes would be the perfect choice for the fabric design and the red in the quilt.

After lunch, I took a nice walk in the cool, sunny day with Molly. I am really enjoying the Georgia winter weather. Not too cold during the day and colder at night for great sleeping! 
Next on my side of the quilt rack is this quilt of valor. I got all the stitch in the ditch done and tomorrow, I will begin the custom work. It's a beautiful quilt, too.

Tim got his next quilt started, as well, then we quilt for the day. Hamburgers on the grill, fries, okra and fresh orange slices for supper. Dateline on the tube. Yup, it has been a swell day.
Tim's quilt in progress.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Whew! I am finally finished with the quilt as well as the pillow shams. It didn't take very long and went without a hitch. I truly think the quilting gods were testing me.

Looks better, but I still hate black thread on light colors. Always remember to use light on dark, but NOT dark on light.

one pillow front.

It was really refreshing to pin another quilt on and have fun quilting it. This one has dimensional pinwheels to quilt around. It was an interesting job, and I enjoyed doing it.
It is a flannel quilt with flannel backing. Cotton batting  rounds out the snuggle factor.

Aren't these cute!? (crumb catchers?...)

Mr Wazoo was buzzing away at his end of the room, too. He finished two quilts today.
This cutie is for a new baby boy

You have to look closely to see the dragonflies in the quilting.

The quilting is really hard to see here, unless you look at the tiny part of the quilt front in the picture! Leafy goodness.

Tomorrow is another work day, and another adventure. Hopefully, everything will go as planned and we'll have a Wazoo time in the studio.

Gray, gloomy day...but I am happy!

It may be foggy and gray outside, but I am so happy today! I finished most of the killer quilt yesterday and have just one side to go to be done. I am hoping the pillow shams go without trauma so I can get on to another fun project. Learning is always a given when doing something that you love, and there will always be uncharted territory when it comes to my longarm quilting journey. I wish it hadn't happened on a customer quilt, but when just about all the quilting I do these days is on customer quilts, it was hardly avoidable. On to the next!
Almost done!
Mr Wazoo hasn't been idle; he keeps on quilting like the Energizer bunny!

I did the repair on the lone star quilt top last night while relaxing. Next step: sewing in the corner squares and setting triangles! Off to work!
Three pink diamonds, all sewn in .

Monday, March 2, 2015

Who'd a thunk it?

I haven't blogged for a few days here and I haver had people wanting to know if I'm okay!! I'm almost fine...bad chest cold, but who doesn't have one this time of year? After the show in Florida, I knew it was just an incubation period away before I came down with something, since I was in close proximity with thousands of quilters at the show (thanks, Donna). I'm sure this will pass quickly.

On the better side, Mr Wazoo is Employee of the Month again after helping me with a giant pick-out job I am currently engaged in. Don't faint, Sally, it is your quilt. I used black thread in the bobbin when quilting the black border on a quilt and I was not happy with the result; but only on the back! The front looked really nice, but it is a show quilt, so after taking it off the machine and even after trimming, I decided it had to come out and be re-done. Rats! I have been picking for the last three days and evenings and have one side to go. The plan is to use the beige bobbin thread and black top thread, balancing the tension so that there aren't pokies of beige on the front. But that is later.
The quilt in progress

working the feathered wreaths

Border marked and ready for quilting

Finished!   or not...

From the front, wonderful

The back had a real problem. I finally decided to take the black quilting out. 

Meanwhile, Mr Wazoo has forged ahead with his quilting and has had a profitable few days while I sat picking.

I think it is easy to see why I will reward Mr Wazoo for his dedication to the business and for his determination to get'r done!
Meanwhile, two antique lone star quilt centers came in for me to finish. I just had to stop picking for a few minutes to admire the handwork and locate the patches to be replaced. Gotta hurry and get the show moving so I can work on these! Did I say, "I love my job" lately?!

Don't you love the two bright red diamonds? What was she thinking? I would love to know.

Burn holes? Don't know, but I already found the perfect fabric to fix them!