Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mr Wazoo setting the pace!

Mr Wazoo hit the ground running with his quilting yesterday and today . He decided it was just too hot to work out in the sun again, and took a couple of days off from yard work. I am glad he did! Look at the work he accomplished!

I haven't been slacking, either, but my work is boring prep stuff. I will be starting the layout of the tee shirt quilt tomorrow morning, and hopefully sewing some parts of it during the day.
Meanwhile, I quickly quilted the giant quilt for our bed. The batting finally arrived on Thursday evening, so waiting quilts could be finished. Including ours!!

After work, I pressed a batch of vintage blocks I had languishing in a drawer. They start all wonky and wrinkly (hand piecing was not the maker's strong suit), then flat and wonky, and after trimming, flat and square...but lacking points! 

Oh well, I think they will make a fun quilt anyhow.
We'll have to wait and see; right now, its time to start the ribs for dinner!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Road trip to Woodstock, GA!

The trip to Woodstock was worth the drive! We went to the East Cobb Quilt Guild show, and weren't disappointed! Over 300 quilts, 30 vendors and a big surprise. Our friend, Joyce, from Cape Coral,FL was there vending!! She and her husband have Material Girlz of Florida, a wonderful booth with bundles of bright fabrics, measured cuts, cute sewing theme jewelry and free patterns. I love it! Seeing Joyce was a wonderful surprise, and the perfect ending to our show experience.
I snapped Joyce during her tutorial of the prairie points in a strip stencil. 

I wish I had a smily photo...this talky photo will have to do!

Get your beverage of choice and get comfortable...the slide show is long, but worth the look.
Happy sewing!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Not ignoring you!! Just busy...

I don't know where the time goes! Days are really flying by and we are very busy here at Wazoo. I got all the basting pulled from the three customer quilts, and cleaned them up for quilting. Mr Wazoo finished the first one. It is so cute and funky!
Great veggies in jars quilt!

Mr Wazoo working his magic
He also did this sweet quilt for a granddaughter of the customer
When he finishes up, he always takes a tour of his garden. Here are a few shots from after the rain.
Things are starting to look really good!
Stella d'oro liliesLittle quilts are keeping me busy. Five of them from the same customer, and all lovely.
Number three of my customer's quilts

Number four on the machine
Here it is, finished!

This is number five
DetailAfter working every day, I still give an hour to my sewing and quilting, so I can keep my toe in the water, so to speak.
I made this doggie quilt for charity

At the end of the day, I started prepping the teeshirts for the customer quilt. By 6:30 I was so tired, I just had to stop! I have two more to do, and then the design wall playtime will begin.

Prepping shirts with the fusable interfacing
A basket of tee shirts becomes this little pile once they are cut and fused. There are 30 shirts in this pile! Really...thirty shirts.

Tomorrow, I am playing hooky with my friend, Stephanie, and going to Woodstock, GA for a quilt show. I hope to take beaucoup photos there and will post a slideshow here on the blog. Until then, be quilty, be happy, be kind to eachother.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Not a sleepy Sunday!

Most of the time, Sunday is a slow, relaxed day for us here at Wazoo; but not today! After our usual blueberry waffle Sunday breakfast (yum) I started the day by quilting one of the charity quilts from Heart to Heart. Then I got a phone call from a woman who wanted some quilting done. Yippee! I love to do some quilting...
She arrived with three wonderful quilts to be done, but all had been machine basted for hand quilting. Oh well, something to do in my spare time (taking out the basting stitches). After the customer left, I did remove all the basting from one of the quilts, and was dismayed that it took an hour to get out!! Oy! The threads!! These quilts will need a lot of sticky roller attention during the quilting process.
I finished the charity quilt and applied the binding when the phone rang yet again. Another nice lady wanted to bring over a quilt she made in a class. It is her second quilt, and very lovely. When she arrived, we chatted about the design to use and the thread color. Then, back to the machine for one of my charity quilts from Hugs and Kisses.
Ring-ring! The third and last customer of the day came from Hayesville with a laundry basket full of tee shirts for a quilt. Wow! This gal has ridden a bicycle everywhere. Pretty biking event shirts will make a nice quilt for her bed.
I managed to finish the charity quilt and get the binding on, but alas, it is time to make dinner!!
Tim has fired up the grill, and I am going to prepare some of the veg from yesterday.
Loads of hand stitching to be done tonight.
It has been a very quilty day!!
This quilt was made by someone at the sewcial where I did the 2-3-2-6 tutorial. Isn't it pretty?!

I did a flowery/leafy meander 

I made this wild but happy doggie quilt

swirly meander

The dogs on the back are just as happy ! I chose the paw print for the binding

Summer is here!

The real sign that Summer has officially started is when the farmer's market opens!! We went early this morning and bought fresh produce to enjoy over the next week. For supper, we had fresh picked sweet corn, sliced tomato, purple potatoes (I know!! really!) and green beans.  We also brought home cauliflower, zucchini, red and green peppers, cherry tomatoes and swiss chard.
A perfect morning for veggie shopping!
This shopper had a dog like Molly
This kid tried to dodge my camera, but he was too slow!
There was even a lady selling quilts!
Sally was there representing the master gardeners
Back home, I started the day by finishing an unusual quilt for a horse loving granddaughter of my customer. The customer cross stitched the horse in the center.

The next quilt was for a woman who can no longer sew. I hope I  never see that day in my life. I added the binding and will sew it down while watching a chick flick on the tube later.

Sally (from the photo at the farmer's market) did this penny rug all in wools she felted herself! I love the subtle colors and wonderful texture.

Sally also hand appliqued this sweet cardinal wall quilt.

The next quilt is on the frame, and I am expecting a customer in about thirty minutes. I wonder what treasure she has in store for me! Another quilty day in a beautiful place.