Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Making progress

The memory quilts are coming along nicely, and I have almost finished two of the tops. I was doing the outer borders today, but had quite a few interruptions and didn't finish.
The one on the right has side borders on
Here it is, closer
It seems I always have several irons in the fire, and today was no exception. One of my customers needs this quilt by Friday, so it took precedence and was finished today.
A wonderful quilt by a beginner!
Panto: Curlz
Another customer brought this sweet log cabin her Grandmother made that has had a lot of loving over the years! My job is to restore it to a usable quilt. This is gonna be fun!

The quilt Grandma made
well worn

the fabrics are intact, but the seams are gone

Mr Wazoo had a good day outside, just doing what he always does...digging, planting and getting dirty. Both of us enjoyed our work today.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I need to go to bed!! But first...

It is very late, and I should be sleeping and dreaming of the fabulous quilts I have to work on, but I am still up! Today, I finished the binding on the Grandma quilt, loaded the next quilting project, did the laundry, gave Molly a bath, and made 300 blocks for the memory quilt project. Of course, I also did the mundane things...cooking, washing dishes, walking the dog...that stuff.
All done!
300 rail fence blocks. Tomorrow, the other blocks!
Doesn't look like 100...but it is!
Next quilt
Tim did yard work all day, and got all the remaining plants into the back rock garden. He spread the mulch and then put out some grass seed  where the rock guys tore up the yard. Then, it rained like a monsoon!! Thankfully, the drains and ditches he put in worked beautifully and the dirt stayed put. What a guy!

Well, that's about it. I have to pick up my quilts from the art center in Blue Ridge tomorrow, so that means we get to go for a ride in the country. Yippee!

A lovely evening in the Georgia mountains

Just my cute chicken planter on the porch table