Saturday, August 15, 2015

Work, work, work...RACCOONS!!

My goal today was to finish my work and add raccoons to my appliqué quilt. I started by piecing and assembling the third, and last, memory quilt. Yesterday, I bought the backings for all three quilts, so I also cut and sewed them.
And then there were three...
Tim rocked this outer space quilt.

Cool space quilt
Panto: Blast Off
Even cooler backing!
Then, at 6PM, I made raccoons!!
They're not sewn down yet, but I am so happy to have them made.
They are so cute! Tomorrow, I will sew them down.
7:30...frozen pizza and fresh tomato salad.
Then I finished the binding on the customer quilt with all the mismatched squares.

Off to bed to dream of my raccoons.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

No Raccoons

I didn't make raccoons today.
I decided I needed to try to catch up a bit with customer quilts. Its hard sometimes to get everything done that needs to be done, especially when there are so many fun diversions calling me away. I'm supposed to be retired, but work still has to come first. Bah Humbug!
Mr Wazoo spent his day in the studio, too, so there were two grouches there. He finished this buzz-saw pattern quilt using a groovy pantograph called Fossil.
Batik buzz saw
Panto: Fossil
I worked on a custom job featuring sweet nosegays of common flowers. I like how it turned out, but then, how can you go wrong with a well made and visually pleasing quilt? The next quilt will illustrate what I do for a quilt to make it all it can be.
So pretty!
One of the flower embroideries
Quilting detail
a peek at the back
I don't think this customer does a lot of sewing or quilting. The fabric choices are really confusing, and the lack of any pattern to their positions in the quilt make it hard to look at for long. The seams were all different widths, making the squares mis-match up to an inch in some places, which in turn made the border undulate in and out along the edges. Oh yes, the back was pieced, too.
Looks better quilted
I started by repairing the places where the seam wasn't sewn at all, then used light sizing to super-press the entire top and backing. The choice of very thin polyester batting was also a challenge. When unfolded, it looked like the stuff you buy at Halloween to spread around to look like spider webs. This inexpensive batting is easily torn and needs to handled gently to avoid lumps and tears while quilting. On a happy note, the quilting went well and looks great; enhancing the quilt by adding some organic curves and swirls to an otherwise geometric quilt.
Panto: Featherize
two of the fabrics on the back
I took apart the binding sent along with the quilt, trimmed it to 2 1/4 inches wide, resewing it with mitered joins and applied it to the finished top. I have to do the hand stitching yet, but hope to have it done by the weekend. it also needs a label.
Whew!! Now, you know why there are no raccoons...

Tomorrow, I will be off to Cummng on the hunt for fabrics for a customer lone star quilt. Right now, I need to get the spaghetti started so we can eat before bedtime! ha ha
Later, peeps!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bits and bobs

Today was a disjointed day here at Wazoo. Mr Wazoo finished the quilt he started yesterday, and I trimmed and photographed it so he could go work in the yard.
Pretty pastel chains
Panto: Ribbon Roses
The backing is a pretty garden print
I answered five phone calls from customers and friends, making my day start a little late.The studio was so full of dust and lint, I had to run the Swiffer around two times to get it all up!! Of course, that set off a sneeze fest that even made Molly give a woof. While I was at it, I straightened up the sewing table and the Cutting table. There is still a big mess on the cutting table, but I can't help it...I have too many irons in the fire! Oh yeah, I remembered the little light set I bought on Amazon and decided to attach it to my machine. It was very easy to do. You take a look and see if you see the difference. I sure did! Especially when I needed to sew the black binding.
Tidy table, bright light!
With the machine's light only
With the new lights on. (you can see them reflected in the plastic table)
After greeting four customers in a row and taking in their quilts, plus returning two, I decided to make the bunny for the appliqué project. I am starting to really like this quilt project now that it is getting toward the end!! Tomorrow, raccoons!
The bunny is so cute!!
I picked out the offending dark thread on the foxes tail, but that left the white bit looking shredded and tired. I made a new piece and button hole stitched it with off-white thread. Looks way better!!
For supper, chicken on the grill with fresh tomato, cucumber and onion salad. Yum.
Now, I just have to hand sew the binding on this customer quilt, and I can turn in for the night. See you tomorrow!

Black binding on and ready to sew!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Charity sewing

Today was the charity sewing day at Pieceful Mountain Quilt Guild. Eight of us came and made 15 pillowcases for the homeless shelter and 22 pet beds for the Humane Society. Not too shabby!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Slo-o-o-o-o-o-ow going!!

Hard to believe, this took all day. And I am not happy with the dark thread on the white, so tomorrow it comes out and light gray goes in. Otherwise, I like the new critters. Owl, bunny and raccoons next.
So far, so good.

Yuk! I have some picking to do...

He's pretty foxy, though

It looks like the hedgehog is going to give Mr Bear a  smooch!

Getting the bear situated under the block and the lizard was fiddly and time consuming.
The raccoons are to the left of the bear, and kind of hold him up. You'll see...

Productive day at Wazoo

Sometimes it helps to get an early start! Mr Wazoo got going on the customer quilt that is a birthday present for a lucky boy. All the fabrics feature candy! Mmmmm!
Cheerful candy quilt
Panto: Popcorn
The backing featured candy, too!
I had a special quilt to do, too. This pretty Monet inspired quilt was made by a quilter who is losing her eyesight. My Mom had the same disease and was blind when she passed away. I know she is seeing all the lovely colors now. So this quilt had to be special, for the woman who is slowly losing her colors. I hope she can see how nicely she did and how lovely the lilies are.
pretty water lilies floating on a  serene pond
some of the quilting
the border treatment
In the afternoon, Mr Wazoo quilted another customer project; this one belongs to my sister.
My sister's quilt
Panto: Featherize
I worked on the final borders of my appliqué quilt.
Now, I get to have fun with the critters who live in the borders! Stay tuned...
Tomorrow, we play hooky, going out for some breakfast and then a nice car ride. We need a break.