Thursday, October 8, 2015

Finished!! (almost)

Yippee!! I finished the quilting, made the sleeve, binding and label, and attached them all to the quilt. Now, I just have the handwork to finish. I can do that with my feet up, watching a flick on TV.

Tim quilted a Christmas quilt to be sold in the boutique at our guild's upcoming show.
Nice bear paw pattern

panto: Holly berry

It was a long day for us here at Wazoo, so we treated ourselves to supper out at the local barbecue joint. On the way home, we counted 9 deer in the pastures and near the woods by our house. Two bucks, four does and three fawn, including the white ones I saw the other night. I sure hope they evade the hunter's guns, but I fear that isn't how it will turn out.
The new live version of Cinderella awaits! Time to do some hand sewing.

Nightmare quilting...

I haven't blogged in a few days because I have been working on the same quilt the entire time!!! My own quilt... What a nightmare it has become. I guess what I envision for the quilting doesn't always turn out the same when stitched out. There have  been a few hours of picking out and re-grouping as well as remarking the quilting. I'll be sooooo happy when this one is finished! No prizes expected, but a good lesson in patience and determination.
Border and sashing treatment

Each block is a letter of the alphabet. The quilting is a corresponding block staring with that letter.
C is for Churn Dash...

I started with block lettering under the blocks, but hated how it looked. Pick, pick, pick...
Many hours later, I settled for freehand cursive writing in a contrasting color thread. At that point, I had already decided I was getting tired of this quilt.

I finished the white parts in another marathon session and hope to have the colored parts
done today.

I honestly can't wait to get this off my machine!!
Maybe I'll like it after  a few days ...
Mr Wazoo has quilted every-other day, and finished these quilts for customers.

A quilt for a granddaughter who loved the winter olympics

So we used a snowflake panto!

Customer quilt using the new grunge fabrics

It looks good with this modern panto.

Yardwork also continues with the fire pit coming along nicely. Tim had to take one day off this project to re-do part of the walkway that sank a bit after all the rain we had. I think his plan to quilt a day, then do yard work a day is a good one.