Sunday, January 10, 2016

A blustery day, perfect for quilting

When its gray and the wind is howling, it is a perfect day to stay inside and have a therapy session with the Gammill. That was today! The studio was buzzing with activity all day. Miss Molly took up her 'look-out' position in the big brown chair, and the two Wazoo quilted the day away.

I finished this quilt  that is to be given to a man who is color blind. Oh my goodness!! It is so scrappy wonderful and bursting with colors...I wish it was mine. I'm sure he will love it, too, but I feel so bad that he will miss out on the mixed bag of patchwork hues that make the quilt sing.

Mr Wazoo did this modern twist quilt. I love the cranberry-teal-lime green combination.

Panto: Springtime
He also quilted this underwater fantasy quilt. The buttonhole stitched appliqu├ęs were adorable.

Panto: Ebb and Flow
Next up, this vintage top. I thought it was the Hummingbird pattern, but it isn't exactly. Whatever it is, I'm glad the owner decided to have it quilted to give  to her daughter. A family member made it, although I can't recall if it was a grandma or a great aunt. Anyway, it turned out better than I thought it would because it had some pretty baggy areas in it.

Panto: Baptist fan
I plan to take a pass on quilting tomorrow. I went through my bin of panels and found three cute ones that are begging to be quilts for kids. It should be fairly easy to add borders and get them ready to quilt. 
Tonight we will be snuggling down while the wind howls and the rain patters on the window. Perfect for sleeping! Good night!

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