Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Slow sewing and repair workk

I have three things in the works at the moment, so I have been remiss in my blog posts. So sorry!
First, I am making a customer commission quilt with some unusual requests for how it is made. She had all the grandkids trace their hands onto manilla folders and wants them made out of a burlap type fabric and sewn onto the quilt. The fabrics she selected are also a challenge, as they are pretty heavy upholstery fabrics. I have the hands all embroidered with the names and ready to fuse and stitch to the blocks she had already made. I will have to add other blocks for the numerous embroidered bits she wants included. It is a challenging project!

Next, I am doing extensive repair to a one hundred year old log cabin quilt. The customer wanted it cleaned, because it had a huge stain on it, and a few places repaired. When I washed the quilt, every piece of a particular dark brown fabric disintegrated!! I am in the process of replacing 30 of these pieces. Also, to add insult to injury, the stain is as dark as it was before the wash. I am also replacing those two blocks. At least its clean!

Here is the stubborn stain

I am almost done with the block replacement where the stain was

The outer logs have disintegrated
Here is the block, repaired.

This is my working set up for repairs. The strips of fabric are handy, and the chair arms work well as pincushions!

I also have a  quilt on the frame, so I had better quit typing and get back to work! See you later!

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