Friday, January 22, 2016

The Storm has started...hunkering down

Last night, after the news, Mr Wazoo made a quick trip to the store for a few supplies. The weatherman said it was going to be a big ice storm, with snow to follow. The big problem when you live out a ways from town, up the side of a mountain is power outage, so I filled the bathtub with water (for flushing the toilet) and dug out the lantern. Tim got another lantern and extra batteries, some gas for the generator, cookies and chips. We have plenty of food, but snacks are always nice when the lights go out!
So far today, it has been raining and the wind has been howling. The poor little birds are trying to use the feeders, but are being buffeted all over.
I plan to work as usual until something happens. Maybe nothing will happen! We'll see.
Yesterday, I quilted this Blooming Nine Patch for a customer's daughter. I love the bright medley of colors of the fabrics. It is a big quilt; 97 x 107".

The back was pieced from coordinating fabrics.
Panto: Flamingo Sunset
Mr Wazoo did me a favor and quilted the second comfort quilt. I applied dark blue dotted binding, and did the hand sewing last night.

The backing is a Thimbleberry fabric I had in my stash.
The binding is finished, and the quilts are ready for guild next week.
I guess I need to get to the studio and get some work done. It sure has been a weird morning here. Its still raining and blowing, but no snow yet. Hopefully, we'll be spared any damaging weather here on the mountain. Stay warm, friends, and I'll check in later.

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