Saturday, February 27, 2016

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

A perfect day finds Mr Wazoo outside doing what he loves. This is today...Let's back up the train and see what happened yesterday.

Yesterday, I finished the tee shirt quilt and got it quilted and binding applied. Last night, I did the hand sewing, and today, it went home with my happy customer.

The primary layout, after preparing the shirts

The rows going together with sashing to make them the same length.

The quilt, after quilting and before the red binding was applied.

I did a big meander because of the thickness of some of the shirt fronts,  to miss buttons on some of the shirts, and to avoid really rubbery logos.

On the back, I added a row of shirt backs with the ball player's  numbers from over the years.
Mr Wazoo did his job, too, quilting this Springlike project.

Panto: Flower Festival

I finished the front of the latest repair job and have the pieces for the back ready to appliqué tonight. I will add the binding and get that sewn, too. There were a few usable pieces left from the cut off parts, so I plan to make a pillow to go along with the the little quilt.

Here is what I started with. The customer gave permission to cut the quilt down and repair just the center. Thank goodness!!

It may look rough, but this is actually the fixed quilt!

All my patches are edge turned and ready to go. I have made the  checked binding, and will apply it before quitting for the day, so I can hand sew it and the appliqué at the same time.
When I'm done, I will give the quilt a gentle wash and pray it doesn't fall apart when I do it. It is so dirty, I am afraid the fibers will disintegrate like the 100 year old quilt from last week.
For now, it's back to the studio and quilting some charity projects. Mr Wazoo is driving his tractor up the hill for another load of mulch. Life is good!

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