Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A slower, happier day

Mr Wazoo worked outside all day today, mulching and pruning...generally getting dirty and staying happy.  I worked in the studio and finished up the quilt from yesterday. The customer made two of them, so I'll get going on her other one tomorrow.

This is the quilt I'll start tomorrow.
We took a little break to go to the fire station and vote today; our first time here in Georgia. The 'I Voted' stickers are little peaches here!

I took a selfie to show off my sticker

I had an unfortunate accident in the studio...the iron fell over and made a big brown scorch mark on the board cover and was so burned, I couldn't get the brown off the soleplate with iron cleaner! A quick trip to Walmart and I have a new iron, board cover, and outdoor rug for the front porch.!
After that, I really didn't want to start up a new project, so Molly and I sat on the porch in a rocker and watched the birds and squirrels. We had a brief rain shower, so Mr Wazoo joined us there until it let up. The customer came to get the two repaired quilts and the surprise pillow, and everyone was happy.
Since I was in the studio to give her the quilts, I did the tying on the quilt I repaired last night and got it finished up and ready to go.

This quilt is sooooo soft!!

I replaced two of these squares. Left and bottom.

There were a couple of the solid ones to do, too. Once I had them tied, I was done!

The back is all pieced, too. Lovely!

 I'd say it was a slow, happy day here in North Georgia. We'll watch the returns tonight and I will keep working on quilt bindings.
Life is so good!

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