Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Some days you just have to run errands

I only worked a half day today because there were errands to run. In the morning, I made the last six blocks for the customer commission quilt and got the rows sewn, and the first border put on.

The quilt is already huge at 107 x 107. The customer wants it to be  115"!! Wow!
Another border to go. No problem making it big enough.
Mr Wazoo finished up the tee shirt quilt from yesterday and almost finished another one!! He was really on a roll. 

Panto: Modern Twist

Tee Shirt quilt number two!

All this quilting took place while I was out in the glorious weather delivering quilts, picking up a quilt (and getting paid), doing the grocery shopping and banking.

The Wazoomobile home from our travels.

Mr Wazoo made a last check for new growth in his garden before coming in for his supper.

We ate a late supper again tonight. Miss Molly was patient, but was getting impatient to quit for the day and go eat!


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