Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Aaah...thank Heaven for quilting!

Yesterday, Mr Wazoo struggled all day with a customer quilt. It is a lovely quilt, don't get me wrong, but the seams were all pressed to the points, making them thick, and they felt like there was a dried pea in every corner. And there are lots and lots of corners!! Every time he hit one, the machine was deflected and he let out some blue language. Fortunately  for me, my machine is loud enough to cover the words, so I just heard an intermittent,  minor, intelligible, vocal explosion! Kind of like the ding of the typewriter bell at the end of a row, for those of you old enough to know what that means...
This is the point where he just had to quit and go outside!
I enjoyed my day, quilting a customer quilt made  years ago with her two daughter's clothes. Now, one of them is getting married, and the quilt will be a gift. I love that kind of story.

Panto: Splat

I finished the quilt around 5 PM, so I had a bit of time to kill before quitting for the day, so I put on one of my vintage tops and started quilting it with the same pattern as the customer quilt. I have a box full of tops I've acquired here and there. The hope is to get them all made into quilts, so they won't live forever in a box.
After guild today, I came home and finished it! Now, it is all bound and ready to go!

Hand pieced hexigon top from the thirties
 The highlight of the day was coming home to find the man in his garden and this on the machine...all done. What a guy!

Panto: Check and Chase


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    1. Me, too! I ran it through the wash, and it looks great. One of the fabrics bled slightly, but not enough to mar the look of the quilt.It was a freebie, so I'm not too concerned about it.


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