Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fat feathers, guild business and quilting...oh my!

My first board meeting went well, and the ladies were so helpful in understanding how the guild operates. Every guild is different and has their own way of doing things, and this guild is well organized and functional, so why change it? A bit of tinkering may get is to be even better, so I will try to enlist help to do so. Change is scary. I believe a quilt guild exists for two reasons; to educate the members and the community in the art of quilting, and to provide comfort to the community and the members through the gifting of quilts. Its a pretty simple concept...
After the meeting, I met up with the show co-chair and we went to look at another venue possibility. I am so stoked about this one! HUGE!!, clean, well lit, easy to get to, lots of parking, and did I mention HUGE!! We are hoping the price is right and we can move forward with our plan for a terrific show.


I returned home and back into reality, and started right in on the custom quilt from yesterday. I did stick with the chalk pencil for marking and it has worked well so far. As for the title of this post...I admit it, I like healthy, fat feathers. Many stellar, award winning  quilters make the slim, packed and stacked feathers, but I have never been too fond of making them. Maybe that's why I don't measure up in the competitive quilting world, but I don't care. I like what I do, and my customers seem to like it as well, so I'll stick to what I know how to do...fat feathers! What I don't like doing is quilting on black. It is really hard to see where I'm going even with the auxiliary lighting on my machine.(big sigh here...I'm getting old) Hopefully, I will finish the black parts today and get on to the fun, colorful bits.
I finished the other end, and have the guide markings on this end.
I'll show you the quilting later today.

The backing is an ombre black to gray to black. Here, you see the middle section of gray on the take-up roller.

Mr Wazoo got to work on a much more colorful project; a maple leaf quilt. We don't have a maple leaf pantograph, so he used a meandering leafy vine pattern instead, in a light gold color. It turned out really pretty.

Panto: Trellis vine

He's all set to finish another customer quilt from my Garden Delight class today. He has the same problem I have of running out of gas at 6:00. We quit working at 6 most evenings. Then, I make supper and he does a bit of yardwork. It's a good life!

One last row and he'll be done!

Molly was outsmarted by a lizard who ran to safety under the steps.
The pot of geraniums is full and beautiful.

I've been informed that the next garden project is a flagstone walk where you see dirt in this picture.

The back garden is now in summer color...mostly lavender and purples.

The fairy garden in the half shell is running over its edges! I love how cute it is.

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