Friday, June 10, 2016


This is what a week's work looks like! The monkey wrench quilt is finished, and looks great; just what the customer ordered. I finished it at 6:00 last night, just before turning out the lights in the studio and shifting gears to my other job, chief cook and bottle washer for the household.
All 265 blocks done! Yippee!

I spent the entire day outlining the monkey wrenches

This is a lovely backing. The camera made it lighter than it actually is

Looks great!
After work, I walked around the yard before going in and cooking. Tim has done a wonderful job making our little piece of Georgia into a colorful oasis. The canna are just starting, and the color is deep and velvety. The camera, once again, doesn't do them justice. The other flower is something I don't know the name of, but it sure is pretty!

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