Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sheets and other fun topics

Hi everybody! I was reading the blogs I follow, and saw where Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs uses sheets for quilt backs. I have been a longtime proponent of sheets as backings and always marvel at the faces of quilters at my trunk shows when I reveal the backs as sheets! I have used old flat sheets from thrift shops and yard sales as well as brand new ones (I wash them before using) from Walmart, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond. All work fine. I don't hand quilt, so I have no information on how that works out, but in the comments on Cheryl's post, someone did talk about hand quilting through a sheet worked fine. Jump over to her post at <> and check it out.
My latest finish for my grandson has a sheet for backing!

Here is how it looks quilted

This class sample also has a sheet from Walmart for the back

Looks great and washes like a dream.

This quilt has a sheet from a thrift store for the back. Cost? $6!!

This back is also from Walmart and is on the back of a gift quilt for my Mother-in Law
Yesterday, Mr Wazoo quilted for a while, and finished this pretty pinwheel quilt.
Very lively and modern looking

Panto: Swirl and Twirl
Meanwhile, I spent the hours doing stitch in the ditch on this lovely monkey wrench reproduction quilt. After finishing that, I set out to pounce the first row of quilting. This will be a slow process, with 121 blocks to mark and quilt! Than, I have to go back and quilt all the monkey wrench blocks...144 of those!
One row marked

The customer supplied the stencil she wanted used for the alternate blocks

My marking tools for a stencil; Pounce powder, foam paintbrush and a tee shirt scrap to get the residue powder off. I haven't had good luck using the actual pouncer. It makes a blurry image.

After stitching, the blocks look like this.



  1. I enjoy learning a little bit about your process.

    1. Thanks! It isn't rocket science, but it is tedious sometimes.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all of your beautiful quilts with sheets as the backings! Each backing works really well with the quilt top. The monkey wrench quilt is going to be awesome, that is such a cool design for the solid blocks.

    1. Thanks! The customer really makes lovely quilts.


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