Friday, June 3, 2016

The speed of light

Tonight I will show you what working at the speed of light looks like! We last left you Wednesday evening with two quilts loaded and waiting to be done. Here they are!
Christmas quilt ready to go

Holly and piano keys in the borders

Featherize in the body of the quilt

Mr Wazoo successfully completed the two color quilt

Panto: Small Splat
After we finished these, it was straight into high gear for the rest of the day.
I loaded this 110 x 126" quilt, did the stitch in the ditch,
and then started the quilting.

By 6:30 I was too pooped to continue...

Mr Wazoo quilted this in the time it took me to get the SID done on my quilt,
then, he loaded a quilt for in the morning.

Panto: Bayside
After a bit of TV watching, reading and sleeping, we were back in the studio bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to start again. By noon I had the gigantic Irish chain quilt finished, and an easy baby quilt loaded for the afternoon. Mr Wazoo took a morning trip to the post office to mail off the finished quilts, then loaded a pretty log cabin quilt.

Finished quilt

A peek at the back

Rush job baby quilt

Panto: Angel wings

Panto: Texas fan

This afternoon, Mr W (who was now really on a roll) loaded and quilted another customer quilt made in my class! It is a really colorful one, too.

Garden Delight quilt
Panto: Tickle
Meanwhile, I custom  quilted this customer quilt for a special little girl.

 By late afternoon the speed of light was slowing down. I loaded the forth quilt of the day and did all the stitch in the ditch before calling it quilts at 6:00. The man also loaded a quilt for tomorrow and got a couple of rows done. He'll be visiting his mother tomorrow, and I will be  cleaning (gasp!). I hope to get this quilt finished over the weekend.
Thanks for indulging me while I relived my last two days of quilting! When am I ever going to start the blocks I cut out?...Sunday! of course.

This quilt is so perfect, it intimidates me to start.
By 6 pm I had all the stitch in the ditch done.

The embroidery is crisp and perfect...and very small!

I put my fat finger in so you can see how wonderful and tiny this doggy is!

Mr W loaded this quilt with the chameleon border. I love that fabric!

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  1. Thank you for the nice words on my quilt. You will do a great quilting job on it. You are the best!


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