Monday, July 18, 2016

It was an A-B Day!

 My sister Anne is a prolific quilt maker like I am, and we always have fun looking for fabric and comparing and sharing patterns for quilts. She has decided to slow down on the quilting, and has bestowed on me a pile of lovely tops that only need quilting and binding. They are meant for charity use, so I give them to the homeless shelter. The director there says the quilts are prize possessions of the people who make the shelter their home while they get back on their feet. 
Today was A-B day here at Wazoo, quilting Anne's tops and getting them ready for binding.Mr Wazoo quilted her guild challenge project, so both of us were all about Anne! There are many more to do, so I think tomorrow will be A-B-2 day!

This must have been a fun one to put together!
I used the panto Modern Twist
I love the color combination on this one...and the pattern, too! (You know what a zig-zag fan I am)

Mr Wazoo did a great job!

Panto: Dazzle
 In the afternoon, I quilted the sew-in project I made as well as my retreat project.
Just a width if fabric with a simple border. The easiest kit I ever assembled!

I did free motion swirls for the quilting
My retreat quilt is finished!
I can't recall the name of this panto, but I like it!
I used the same fabric as the inner border for the binding

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