Sunday, July 3, 2016

Three days with spotty internet!

We have bee frustrated with our internet lately, not knowing if it going to transport us to the sites we want to see, or bog down and taunt us with the 'spinning pie of death'. You know, the twirling circle that tries your patience and ruins any dream of posting on the blog...
Oh well, it seems to be cooperating this morning, so lets plow ahead!
First, work continues, and we have had a good week with both customer quilts and twiddling around with some blocks of my own. Mr Wazoo has divided his time inside and outside, since the weather has been beautiful and the gardens growing more lovely by the day. How could I make him stay inside and sew? I couldn't! He is more happy for it, and I had some stolen moments to play on my own in the studio.
Mr Wazoo quilted this table runner a few days ago and it is already in its new home!

Panto: Trellis Vine

I worked on this custom medallion quilt for a couple of days. It has also been sent to the maker in Florida.

One of our steady customers is getting a new great-nephew and made this Nemo quilt for the baby. She needed it right away because they are going to visit the family over the holiday weekend.

I also did a red binding on it, but didn't get a picture before she picked it up on the way out of town!
Panto: Bubbles

After work on Thursday, I made this charity quilt from a panel.
I have another one just like it, and will make it very similar to this one. I used binding ends all stitched together for the binding.

I'm liking this states fabric I found for the back!It kind of goes with the travel theme.

Out in the garden, the flowers are going great guns in the warm weather. Mr Wazoo is disappointed the bee balm he put in isn't the red variety. I like the purple ones.

The echinacea  is almost the same purple, and looks good towering over the clump of bee balm.

This is the new walkway on Wednesday afternoon.

The dahlias are a lovely orange red that contrasts nicely with the green and white flowers behind them.

I imagine in a couple of yers this will be a full fledged English style garden.

The flowers on the porch outside the studio have come into their own, too.

A very inviting business front for customers!

These are the blocks I started at the retreat. I played with them on the design wall untill I found the 'right' combination. One that made me happy. This isn't it...

This is! I have the rows sewn, and need to connect them and then decide if it needs a border, and what it should look like. Loads of fun for me, but not conducive to finishing customer projects. Oops.

The man in his element! Planting two new hydrangea.

The progress on the walkway as of Saturday afternoon.

I wish you could see the true color of these flowers! Simply beautiful dark, velvety red-orange.

A man and his garden.

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