Thursday, July 14, 2016

Workday Wednesday

We quilted all day yesterday, and finished six quilts between us! I'm just going to show you loads of pictures of the finished Christmas quilt, and tell you the photos don't do it justice. It is stunning!

Doesn't the back look cool?!

Mr Wazoo got three baby quilts done for the same customer. Here are two of them. The other one is waiting for it's close-up.

Panto: Modern Twist

Panto: Popcorn
While I was waiting for a customer who was bringing a king sized quilt, I quilted up this charity quilt. Its one of three I made for my Blue Ridge guild.

I did a free motion swirly flower pattern

Wide shirting from Amish country on the back.
The customer came, and I finished this giant at 6:30! Good thing Mr W was grilling our part was easy; potatoes and green beans in white sauce and a sliced avocado. Yum.

I had to go to the opposite wall of the studio to get it all in!

The customer made this as a wedding gift. She designed it and added Bible verses and photos of the couple. The blank center square is for the wedding photo, to be added later.

So huge, it almost touches the floor on both sides of the table!

She also hand dyed the fabric for the verses.

Panto: Featherize

I will be spending more quality time with the quilt adding and hand sewing the binding.
I thought I would add a few yard photos, since the black-eyed Susans are blooming!

English garden is shaping up!


  1. I envy your ease of quilting. You seem to approach that gorgeous red and white with confidence and cheerfulness. I would have had to stow it away for several years before working up the courage. The photos revealed stunning worksmanship on your part, as well as the quilt owner. Oh, and I envy your gardens, too!

  2. Gosh! Thank you! I truly love quilting. It is the only artistic thing I have succeeded at.


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