Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Some sewing, some quilting, some dirt.

I started the day finishing the borders and sewing them on the quilt from yesterday. I stopped there,
because I really needed to do some customer quilting!
I'm starting to really like this quilt!
   Mr Wazoo spent the day outside in a supervisory position and getting filthy doing it. More later on this. Meanwhile, I quilted a customer project with a panto that is too big to be done on his machine.
The colors are more vibrant than the photos, more turquoise than what shows up here.

Pretty delectable mountains in shades of turquoise.
Some of the fabrics have metallic bits, too.

Panto: Primrose swirl

The back is black with gold flecks. There are a couple of blocks in the center, too.
I forgot to take that picture. My bad.
  Then there was dirt. Loads and loads of dirt. Mr Wazoo has bought a shed (got a great bargain on the shed), and he had to get the area for it filled with dirt since it is on such a steep slope. Trucks came and went all day, dumping dirt  and tamping it down. Then they smoothed it out and leveled it. There is at least a three foot drop from the dirt to the driveway on the down slope. That's a lot of dirt!! Mr Wazoo was shoveling and taking out rocks all morning before the dirt men came, so he is filthy with the red clay soil we have here.

I heard the rumble outside and stuck my head out of the studio to see what was happening.
They had dropped off the Bobcat and one load of dirt.

Mr Wazoo had cut all the low limbs before they got here. The workmen took down two small trees, too.

I didn't take the picture sideways...that's how steep the slope of the driveway is. This was load number 4. 

Mr Wazoo 'supervising' load number 5.

Six loads later, it is done! The Bobcat man leveled the dirt
while Tim and the dirt man watched. (He's behind the truck)
I took the pictures from the deck.
      Tomorrow, they will be moving rocks around and grading. All for a bargain of a shed. Sigh...                            

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