Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A rough day in the salt mine.

Today started out with Mr Wazoo asking me to look at the quilt he was working on. He had hit a snag with the quilt and could not go on. Well, he was correct! The quilt was way off kilter, and he had gone too far to correct the problem where it started. Sigh... I took the quilt off his machine and tried to figure out how to fix it. I ended up removing the border, taking in several seams to reduce the fullness,cut the border down to fit,  and then sewed the border back on. I got the quilt loaded onto my machine and quilted the rest of the center, then did the requested feather treatment in the outer border. I am surprised at how well it turned out! Saving this pretty quilt was worth the effort.

The quilt is a nice block of the month pattern.

The customer hand appliqu├ęd the center block

Panto: Alfresco

The feathered border. The very small jog in the triangle is where I had to take a little seam in the quilt. The customer said to go ahead with whatever I thought was the best fix.

Pretty back, too!

While I worked on the BOM quilt, Mr Wazoo quilted a strip pieced lap quilt. I love the scrappy look, and the panto made it even nicer.

Great size for couch snoozing

Panto: Come Dance With Me

A peek at the back

I finished up the other 'horse blanket to throw' commission, and started another quilt  repair after supper. I hope to finish that quilt tomorrow.

Slightly different backing, but still has the patriotic theme
the customer asked for.



  1. I LOVE Come Dance With Me! I LOVE IT! Thank you so much! One more quilt at my Mom's--top only, needs inner and outer borders and back...sigh. I will hope to be by Oct 13, if you are available...


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