Monday, September 26, 2016

Getting the job done!

Let's get up to date here at Wazoo! Yesterday, I quilted and bound all five dragonfly quilts for the Blue Ridge Guild. I'm so happy to have this out of the way. Some lucky little children will love these quilts.

Pretty pretty!!
Today, we jumped in and worked hard to get quilts out the door and more commissions done. I worked on the two horse blanket throws commissioned by a customer who shows horses. Taking the decorative braids and hardware off was a singularly difficult task because the fabric of the blanket is a double knit with a brushed backing. I had done another quilt for the same customer, but with a lovely felted wool blanket. Everything went smoother, without making holes in it, and the blanket was a success. I finished one completely, and the other is on the machine and ready for quilting tomorrow. The customer wanted patriotic backings, so I chose these flag fabrics for the task.

Blanket number one, all done!

Flag backing
Panto: Square Spiral

The second horse blanket ready for quilting

Mr Wazoo started with this little quilt, made by the sister-in-law of the customer. The backing is soft and beautiful.

Pretty little baby quilt

Panto: Angel Wings

I wish you could reach into the screen and feel the softness of this backing. I love this!
After  lunch, Mr Wazoo quilted this lap quilt for the same customer as the baby quilt. It is also soft as a feather and drapes beautifully.I wish I had made it...

Love this quilt!

Panto: Dazzle

The back is another very soft brushed homespun.

Tomorrow is another day, and we will be working happily to quilt for our customers. My job is a dream, and I hope I never wake up!


  1. I vote Mr. Wazoo employee of the month; his work is beautiful! Thanks for such good care of my quilts!

  2. You're welcome! He hit another bump today and I spent hours fixing it. No E of M for September...but I still love the guy.


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