Sunday, September 18, 2016


Grab a drink and a snack...this is a long post!
We got the wayward suitcase on Thursday evening and I immediately plugged in the laptop to charge. I had never realized how much I rely on it being up and ready when I want it. Do you ever think about your electronic footprint and how much you use these devices every day? I never thought I would be one of the hoards of folk who need the computer for many of our life tasks! I got the banking done and the bills paid, as well as answering loads of email. Whew!! Where were we when we were so rudely interrupted?...
First, we has a blast in Oregon while we were there. I have added NewJersey, Oregon and California to my 'states I have been to' list. We changed planes in Newark going out, and saw the lower Manhattan skyline from the plane and again from the gate at the airport. Couldn't see San Francisco at all because of the plane's wing being in the way of the view outside. That, and the fact the lady by the window kept closing her shade...
We went to Crater Lake National Park as well as the Redwood Forest National Park. I stuck a foot in the Pacific at Brookings beach, too. We ate al fresco at  a marina in Crescent City, California where seals and cormorants were bobbing for fish next to the patio we were on. Shopped at Jacksonville and  Ashland, Oregon. Even went to a quilt shop! My daughter kept us busy, and we were tired when we boarded the plane for home. She has gone to Australia for ten months. I miss her already.
Popular wading pool in Lithia Park in Ashland, OR

Carolyn tried it out along with some local kids

It was a lovely day for a walk in the park...

and to visit the local quilt shop! 

quilts in an antique store

We hiked to this lookout site to see the waterfall

What would a hike be without DANGER?!

Next, we hiked in to see the Rogue River Gorge

Carolyn and her Dad

They weren't kidding!! It was like a loud, constant flush!

Do I look weary? I'm not much of a hiker...

Mr Wazoo tried out Paul Bunyon's chair

This little place had a terrific lunch, and 12 kinds of pie! I had pecan,
Carolyn had chocolate mousse and Mr W had cherry with ice cream.

Crater Lake
The sad news is, I can't get the photos off my phone and onto this laptop. I don't know why, but they just won't go...You'll have to trust me that the redwoods were awesomely huge, and the Pacific Ocean was spectacular.
Finally back home to the waiting quilts. Here are the ones we've done since we got home.

Just, WOW! Mr Wazoo did a beautiful job on the quilting, too.

Another wonderful hand embroidered quilt with such colorful sashing!

The custom quilting shows well on the back.

I finished the quilt for my daughter and sent it to Wisconsin
Customer tee shirts and smaller pieces ready to sew
for a commissioned quilt.
Tee shirt quilts make plenty of rags!
Fusing and sewing on the smaller bits finished and shirts arranged .
Tee shirt quilt with the sashing and quilting done!

Mr W did this traditional quilt

Same customer, beautiful machine embroidered appliqué quilt!

The same customer made this bit of whimsy, too!
Panto: Ebb and Flow

I quilted this behemoth. 104 x 114"
Panto: Bayside

Here it is from the back of the machine

Mr Wazoo and I tag-teamed this little wall hanging! He did the
center with a panto, and I did the borders custom.

The colors are what make this simple quilt sing!

Look familiar? Another student quilt from my
Garden Delight class.

I like the southwestern look of this jelly roll quilt.
Panto: Modern Loops

Same customer...totally different quilt.
Panto: Popcorn

This really Irish signature quilt will be presented soon!
What better panto than shamrocks?!

We expect the Christmas quilts will be rolling in soon. This one has some nice appliqué.
Panto: Snowflakes

One of my favorite customers made this sweet quilt. All her quilts are square and very well done.

Custom quilting

 That's all for now. I did some customer quilt repair today as well as get a memory quilt top done and the back pieced. Then, I quilted three small Autumn table runners. To tell the truth, I'm beat! Just like my Packers... Oh well, tomorrow is another day!



  1. Welcome back (to your laptop cord) Try Dropbox for easy picture transfer. I'm finding a couple quilts that need quilting as I am boxing up things. I'll give you a call this week.

    1. Thanks! It's good to be back at the machine and n the quilty groove.


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