Thursday, November 3, 2016

First custom finish with the new machine

I did a little dance! The first ever quilt from the new Millie is finished. It took a week to do, but I think it turned out nice. Most of the quilting is free motion, but the feathered swags and the motifs in the dresden plate centers were done by computer. I did add some echoing and swirls to fill the spaces better, though.
Lovely French General fabrics in a delightful setting.

The background fabric is taupe, but doesn't photograph the right color

There is a motif there, but it is hard to see on the busy fabric

A peek at the back
Mr Wazoo had another quilt with a wavy border. Poor lamb was just about pulling his hair out trying to keep the quilt straight. He did a grand job of it, then went out to play with the leaf blower and plant some flowers.
I like the lively pattern on this batik quilt. Its all half square triangles!! My favorite block unit.

Panto: Dazzle
I also finished the binding on the Crown Royal quilt, but forgot to take a picture before the customer took it home. 
The end of the workday was spent cutting squares for the next round on my quilt in progress. Light, medium and dark orange and orange red. Putting all the fabric away again took a half hour! I'm ready for some sewing...maybe tomorrow after work.
From this...

to this!
Tomorrow's project


  1. Looks great! How fun to have a computerized machine!

    1. Fun, but frustrating! I am a Mac girl learning a Windows computer and a new machine at the same time! Its slow going, but I'm determined to get the hang of it.


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