Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pup on the mend, quilts on the frames!

Molly had a good night once her pill kicked in. Today, she got to lounge in the recliner in the studio. Every time a customer came, she sang a Christmas carol!! Or at least it sounded like she was trying. Ahhhh-oooooooo!!!Aaaaaah-wooo-wooo! I don't know what she was trying to tell them, but the customers all found it amusing. We did, too.
Molly, undressed and shaved!

What a sweet girl.
While Molly snoozed and howled, we were working on quilts for Christmas presents. This is the busy season for quilters, and we are no exception. I finished the tee shirt quilt and did the hand sewing tonight after guild meeting.

digital panto: diamond spiral

really soft brushed homespun on the back

Wild striped binding
I sewed up the backs for two of the six quilts one customer brought us yesterday while Mr Wazoo quilted this batik quilt. He'll finish it in the morning and it will be out the door.

Molly and I are off to bed. Tomorrow is another adventure!

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