Saturday, November 5, 2016

Slogging along with the new computerized machine

Oh me, oh my...I am so tired tonight after wrestling with the Millie all day. The tablet froze twice today while I was going from one pattern to another, and I got some sewing done while I waited for it to wake up and move again. Last night, I got a call back from APQS and she was very nice and helpful, telling me what NOT to do in the future and where to look for help on line. I have been to all the sites and there is nothing there about a frozen screen. Sigh..Anyway, I am making slow progress on the big Amish looking medallion quilt while getting the next round of blocks for my quilt in progress.
162 HSTs all squared up and ready to go

Pretty trimmings for the dog bed brigade

Hmmm...getting too big for the design wall.

Some of the fabrics are really cute.
Mr Crow is looking at you!

Every quilt needs monkeys...

and dogs, tomatoes, oranges and snowmen!
Mr Wazoo had his nose to the grindstone, finishing two quilts today. He even took a few minutes to learn how to place a motif in a block with the Millie, and sew it out! Yowza!

I just can't fix his picture taking skills...
snowmen standing on their heads...

Panto: Flurry
The snowmen get faces now that they are quilted.

Soft batiks for a family gift

The customer put their names on it

Pretty fuchsia back, panto: Jacobean
After his quilts were done, Mr W was outside raking and watering. It is getting dark earlier so we have been eating supper at a more reasonable time! Tomorrow starts daylight savings, and I am looking forward to a good night's sleep...with an extra hour thrown in!

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