Friday, January 15, 2016

My stupid mistake

Yesterday, I worked on the lone star in the morning and now  the quilting in the star is done. The background is next, so I took a break to sew the Sunbonnet Sue quilt.

It is hard to see the quilting, but there is a leaf shape in each diamond.
The Sunbonnet Sue quilt moved right along, and I had it finished in an hour or so. I decided to use the extra blocks for a pieced back. Okay...I admit that I did what so many of my customers do; I made the back too small!!! How did that happen?! I did the math, measured twice, and still managed to make it too small. Back to the drawing board!  Today starts with picking out and sewing in. Oy!

The finished top. I decided it was big enough, so I left off borders.

Adding a 3" strip to each side of the smaller blocks made them fit right in!

I trimmed the big blocks to 11.5 inches.

Here is the back, after I fiddled with the blocks and spacers. I still can't believe it is wrong!
While all this was going on, there were two deer nibbling on Tim's shrubs in the front garden! I went upstairs to get the camera and take pictures from the deck. Molly finally saw them and sent them running with a stream of yips and yaps.

Oh yes, I just have to share how big and happy my grandson is getting. Mommy started back to work, and Daddy begins his paternity leave on Monday. That should be an experience! He will be working from home while he is off for the month.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Customer commissions

I delivered the three charity quilts today, and it was nice to see my fellow quilters.
Mr Wazoo is still rearranging the garage and plaguing me with "Do you want this" ...or "where do you want this"...with every box he opens. I have to admit, he did find some quilts I had been looking for, as well as the Christmas stockings. (better late than never...put away with the Christmas decorations for next year) and the immersion blender I got for Christmas three years ago and is still in the box! Yippee!
Meanwhile, I did get one half of the stitch in the ditch done on the lone star customer commission quilt.

After I got the quilting started, I switched gears and began constructing a quilt from blocks made by a customer's Grandma. She gave me some Sunbonnet Sue blocks and some 9 patch blocks from her Grandma, and wanted a quilt made of them. The 9 patches were small and the Sue blocks, large, so I added a blue surround to them  to make them all play nicely together. I used EQ7 to come up with this plan. Rows are done, sashing rows are in progress and not sewn.

If I have time tomorrow between the cardiologist and my PT, I will get the top finished and ready to quilt. If I change my mind...I will finish the stitch in the ditch on the Lone Star.
Don't you love quilting? If I didn't have three or four things going at once, I would be bored!
Stay tuned!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Late start, strong finish

We got up early enough...8AM, but spent some quality time having a nice French toast breakfast while watching CBS Sunday morning.I extended my leisure time watching Meet the Press, too. Finally, after showering and dressing, I got started in the studio at noon!
Tim had already started his quilting on a customer project, so I didn't bother him. I went to work finding and cutting border fabrics for the three panels I pulled out yesterday. They had such nice colors in them, it made my job easy. I fussy cut borders for the two alphabet panels and a floral for Mother Goose. I had all three sewn and was choosing backings by 2:30. No grass growing under this girl!
Number one, Alphabet panel with fussy cut borders

Swirly quilting

Great circus backing in bright colors

Tim took a lunch break for an hour or so, but I pressed on and had all three quilts quilted by 3:30. There was a huge quantity of yellow striped binding already made that was left over from another project, so I didn't have to make new bindings! Yippee!
Number 2 is also an alphabet panel! Yup...I bought two of these.
But they were so cute (and so on sale) I couldn't resist!

'Potato masher' quilting, and the yellow alphabet print border I had in my stash

30's reproduction backing

It is 4PM now and all three quilts are ready for the hand sewing. There are ice packs on my back and knee, but I'm ready for some Packer football followed by the Golden Globes. I will have to stop to make supper, but we're having a stir fry so it's not complicated. I would say it has been a productive afternoon! My first three finishes for 2016.

Number three is Mother Goose! I love this panel.
I added a soft yellow floral border.

Meander quilting...I was getting really tired and sore.

Fun blue floral backing, too.

A blustery day, perfect for quilting

When its gray and the wind is howling, it is a perfect day to stay inside and have a therapy session with the Gammill. That was today! The studio was buzzing with activity all day. Miss Molly took up her 'look-out' position in the big brown chair, and the two Wazoo quilted the day away.

I finished this quilt  that is to be given to a man who is color blind. Oh my goodness!! It is so scrappy wonderful and bursting with colors...I wish it was mine. I'm sure he will love it, too, but I feel so bad that he will miss out on the mixed bag of patchwork hues that make the quilt sing.

Mr Wazoo did this modern twist quilt. I love the cranberry-teal-lime green combination.

Panto: Springtime
He also quilted this underwater fantasy quilt. The buttonhole stitched appliqu├ęs were adorable.

Panto: Ebb and Flow
Next up, this vintage top. I thought it was the Hummingbird pattern, but it isn't exactly. Whatever it is, I'm glad the owner decided to have it quilted to give  to her daughter. A family member made it, although I can't recall if it was a grandma or a great aunt. Anyway, it turned out better than I thought it would because it had some pretty baggy areas in it.

Panto: Baptist fan
I plan to take a pass on quilting tomorrow. I went through my bin of panels and found three cute ones that are begging to be quilts for kids. It should be fairly easy to add borders and get them ready to quilt. 
Tonight we will be snuggling down while the wind howls and the rain patters on the window. Perfect for sleeping! Good night!