Friday, January 29, 2016

A sudden quilting frenzy!

I have been back to the Gammill for about a week now, and suddenly, I find myself running in place. Everyone who sees me up and walking without any help is asking if their quilt is done. Let the frenzy begin!
Tim pitched in and has done what he could to help me with all the quilts.He's knocking out the pantograph quilts, while I work more slowly on custom jobs and quilt repairs.

First, he did this lovely quilt for the customer's daughter.

Today, he did this cute baby quilt.

Because it had little turtles on it, he did a turtle panto!
This quilt was loaded on Wednesday.

And, today I finished it!

I have also been working on the log cabin repair, and finished it last night before going to bed. It really turned out splendidly. You can't tell where the big stain or torn bits were.

Tomorrow, I will load a very large appliqué quilt for custom work. I'll also prepare the patches for a quilt repair where the dog chewed a few places clear through! Naughty dog! 
No rest here at Wazoo. Only dreams of more quilting to be done.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Slow sewing and repair workk

I have three things in the works at the moment, so I have been remiss in my blog posts. So sorry!
First, I am making a customer commission quilt with some unusual requests for how it is made. She had all the grandkids trace their hands onto manilla folders and wants them made out of a burlap type fabric and sewn onto the quilt. The fabrics she selected are also a challenge, as they are pretty heavy upholstery fabrics. I have the hands all embroidered with the names and ready to fuse and stitch to the blocks she had already made. I will have to add other blocks for the numerous embroidered bits she wants included. It is a challenging project!

Next, I am doing extensive repair to a one hundred year old log cabin quilt. The customer wanted it cleaned, because it had a huge stain on it, and a few places repaired. When I washed the quilt, every piece of a particular dark brown fabric disintegrated!! I am in the process of replacing 30 of these pieces. Also, to add insult to injury, the stain is as dark as it was before the wash. I am also replacing those two blocks. At least its clean!

Here is the stubborn stain

I am almost done with the block replacement where the stain was

The outer logs have disintegrated
Here is the block, repaired.

This is my working set up for repairs. The strips of fabric are handy, and the chair arms work well as pincushions!

I also have a  quilt on the frame, so I had better quit typing and get back to work! See you later!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowy weekend quilting

We had snow on the mountain over the weekend, and nobody was venturing out. It was a perfect time to clean up the studio and get some quilting done. Molly kept an eye on the birds outside the window, relaxing in her big brown chair.


The first patch of blue sky came Sunday morning.

I took the confinement in stride, quilting a customer quilt, and assembling a UFO I have had lingering in a bag for almost two years! Mr Wazoo finished up his garage makeover and pitched in, quilting two of my charity quilts for me. I made the binding before quitting for the day and got it sewn on so I could do the hand sewing while enjoying a movie on TV.
Customer quilt, custom quilted
I'm sorry this is sort of blurry...I just wanted to show the quilting
Here is the back

Charity quilt number one
I love this cherry fabric on the back
I made this attic window quilt from a panel
The backing is a really soft shirting fabric.
Panto: Small Splat
My UFO, finally headed to the binding pile.
Panto: Mexican Tiles

Can you guess which chair is mine?! Two finished charity quilts in the foreground waiting to go to guild, three quilts to hand sew binding, one quilt to repair, one appliqué project in progress. The fun never ends here at Wazoo! (Mine is the one with the ottoman and the best light!)