Friday, March 11, 2016

Back home and back at work

I was totally remiss in taking pictures at the retreat, but think there will be some to pirate from other quilters, so don't worry! I sewed my little brain out and made two quilt tops in the UFO room, as well as a sweatshirt jacket in a class. All of it was fun, and I came home so tired I had to take a nap!!

I used my Aussie fabrics in this one. The pattern is Belle Wave.

This pattern is from a book of pre-cuts patterns. It uses a Bali Pop and I added the magenta zinger and the borders.

I made this jacket over a sweatshirt, using random scraps from my stash.

I strayed from the crowd in class and added a yoke on the back, made from the leftover bits from the front. I also cut off the ribbed cuffs and added fabric cuffs. I need to apply some closures to the front and I'll be done!
Mr Wazoo kept the home fires burning and quilted a few nice customer projects.

Panto: Come dance with me

Panto: Ebb and Flow

Panto: Angel wings

By the end of the day, we both had another quilt on the frame and were working until we had to break to get some dinner. We'll be back at it tomorrow. Stay tuned!

My custom project, with dragonfly quilting.

Mr Wazoo working while his stomach grumbles.
The best news is, later this month we are going to Texas to visit my Dad, my sister and my son and his wife and my new grandson!! Finally, we get to goo-goo and make faces at the new baby. I can't wait!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Time for some fun!

Starting tomorrow, I will be off-line for four days. I am going on our guild retreat and there is scant Wi-Fi there, making it nearly impossible to post on the blog. No TV, no phone and Wi-Fi in only one building...I guess I'll just have to sew, sew, sew!!!
We all had the opportunity to make some things to earn points for prizes at the retreat. At first, I wasn't thrilled about it because I don't like making crafty stuff, (I like to piece quilts), but the things we made go to needy organizations and the other members of the guild. I acquiesced and made three pillow cases, a pin cushion that looks like a mini pumpkin (it had to be food related), and a new apron (which I will be keeping to replace the worn out one I have now).

I made the apron reversible again so I could get twice the use from it.

In the Wazoo world, we had a new quilter bring a quilt this week, and it is a beauty! I love her choice of color palette. Also, she did a great job piecing; the quilt is perfectly square and flat.
Both the customer an Mr Wazoo did a wonderful job on the quilt

Panto: Small Splat

Tomorrow, I'm off to Toccoa with my friend Kay for four days of nonstop fun sewing. I have my projects cut out and ready, as well as the supplies for my sweatshirt jacket class together. I have always wanted to make a sweatshirt jacket, so I'm excited about the class. Most of the time, I will be sewing in the UFO room. I hope I am not the only one in there! I will be taking pictures and will post about the retreat when I get home on Thursday.
Have a great week, and I'll catch you on the flip side!