Friday, April 29, 2016

Quick trip to South Carolina

We got up early, took Molly to day care and headed off to South Carolina to have lunch with Mr Wazoo's Mom. She is so perky and just as fun as she has always been. She's 94, and will be 95 in August! Tim's sister was also there, and we all had a nice visit. It ended too soon, because we had to be back in Blairsville by 5:30 to pick up Molly.
Back to work tomorrow.
Mr Wazoo, his Mom and sister

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Busy quilting day with two finishes!

Both of us were in the studio today working hard to finish the quilts on the frames before our trip to South Carolina to see Mr Wazoo's mother. I have known Pam longer than I have known her son! We used to teach in classrooms next to each other long before I even knew he existed. So, in Mother-in-law terms, I love mine! Now that she is in her 90s, we feel the urgency to keep in touch and see her whenever we can. That will happen tomorrow; meanwhile, there was quilting to be done.
I finally finished the custom quilt for the customer who likes dense quilting. This small quilt took three days and loads of  marking and ruler work.  I'm glad to be done, and happy with the end product. You can't tell in the pictures, but it is stitched in the ditch in all the colored areas with metallic thread. Just the right amount of sparkle.

I love the kookie backing

Mr Wazoo spent the day with a wonderful tee shirt/ memory quilt for a young man in Florida. It turned out really nice. I'm sure the young man will love it!

Our favorite tee shirt panto: Square Spiral

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Custom work on a beautiful Spring day!

We started out this day early due to a doctor appointment in Blue Ridge. I got a clean bill of health from the cardiologist, and was free to go!
Mr Wazoo wanted to go to the nursery since we were already in Blue Ridge, so off we went. Several plants later, we trekked home; me to the studio, and the gardener to the yard.
My work continued with the custom oriental-feeling wall hanging. It was slow going because of all the ruler work, but I'm pleased so far. I think I'll get most, if not all, of it done tomorrow.

Mr Wazoo spent the day planting his new grasses and flowers. The rock gardens are thriving and more plants are coming up every day. It is looking quite lovely.

Hosta and lilies well underway

Knock out roses living up to their name

These pansies have bloomed all winter! 

Late in the day, I decided to finish the borders on the guild raffle quilt. I have just to add the applique and I can start the quilting!!

Molly posing in her new lime green collar

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Back in the studio and happily working

I thought the memory quilt would be a snap to put together and then I would move on to the raffle quilt border. Oh no...not to be. The memory quilt was a booger to piece and it took the full day to get the top together. At least that's done! I have to find suitable backing for it, and then it will go into the queue until I have the quilt on the machine and the Florida guild's raffle quilt done. I'm having one of those times when I have so much work to do, it makes me a bit nervous. Everything always gets done, so it shouldn't bother me, but it does.
Mr Wazoo worked in the studio most of the day, too. He has been quietly working on quilts and getting his work done while I was gallivanting around showing off my quilts and sewing with my students. What a guy!
I think this fabric is Brown Bear, Brown Bear

I love the artwork and colors.
Panto: Bubbles

Mr W did this lovely Garden Path quilt today

Panto: Swirl and Twirl

Then he went outside and puttered a bit with his gardens
Here are the quilts I have been working on.

I quilted this charmer before going out of town.

Its hard to see, but there is a nice flower motif in the pink blocks.

I didn't quilt on the flowers because the customer is adding yo-yos to them later.

This is the next quilt to be done. I have finished the stitch in the ditch since this photo
and will start the quilting tomorrow.

And then we come to the memory quilt. The top is finished and it is
waiting for a back and some easy quilting. Not too bad for towels,
bathrobe, curtains, a blanket and various articles of clothing.

Sunday sunshine

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Georgia, and I will be spending most of it indoors trying to get caught up on the work I missed last week.
The second trunk show and class went wonderfully well, and the dinner afterwards was the icing on my cake! We laughed, chatted and ate great southern cooking at Southern Charm in Blue Ridge.
Today, I am forgoing my usual self indulgent sewing and  tying up loose ends on the memory quilt project and (hopefully) the raffle quilt project. I need to get the raffle quilt border sorted out and the elements prepared for appliqué. I had better stop writing and get busy!
I hope you enjoy seeing the second group of ladies making Garden Delight blocks.

Thank you, ladies, for the lovely dinner!

Sorry, the lovely Rise was hidden in the picture.