Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I spent the day, yesterday, working on the tee shirt commission and quilting a nice strippy customer quilt. I also took a speed trip to Murphy, NC to pick up a gift for a friend, and get backing for the tee shirt project. Spring has sprung here in the mountains, and the ride was beautiful with all the forsythia, redbud and other blooming trees showing off their finery in yards and fields.

Pretty 30s strip quilt the customer made for her granddaughter.

She requested a 'teenage friendly' panto, and I think this fits the bill.
Its a new digital design, and I can't recall the name off the top of my head.

The back is a cute bandana print
Here is where I am on the tee shirt quilt. I have to cut the sashings and cornerstones, and figure out the rest of the border before I can sew it together. It will have to wait until later today, since this is Misty Mountain Guild day and I have to preside over the meeting.

Tee shirt quilt is coming along.
I used some writing from the backs of shirts for inserts in the border.
I don't recall showing you Mr Wazoo's latest work on a neat Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. The customer didn't care for the finished top, but I think she'll love the quilt now that it is quilted.

I'm not a fan of purple, but it really blends nicely in this design

Panto: Brocade

Easier to see the quilting pattern on the back.
I also finished a charity quilt for my guild. The binding is done and I'll turn it in today.

The quilt was constructed from blocks made at the guild retreat!
Panto: Quirky

The backing. The binding is the bright turquoise from the front.

Quilting finished, off to be bound.
That's about it for now. My daughter who has been traveling to Australia and New Zealand for six months is coming on the weekend for a visit! She stopped briefly in Arizona to see her sister before passing through Texas to see Grandpa and then here. She posted this picture of herself and my oldest girl while she was in Arizona. I'm excited to see her and hear all about her adventures.

Two of my wonderful children

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