Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday, workday.

No rest day for me. I have soooo much work to do, I couldn't have my usual fun Sunday sewing day. I worked instead. Got a lot done, too!
First, I finished the quilt on the frame from yesterday. It turned out to be a very nice heirloom for the customer.
Nice double wedding ring

Digital panto: Flower power

A peek at the back
I have a commission in the works, too. A tee shirt quilt for an auction at a Georgia Christian School. There wasn't much variety in the shirts, in fact there were duplicates of most of them, so that made my design a bit harder. I'm going to add some pieced blocks to add some pizazz to the shirts, and make up for the lack of diversity in the artwork. Here's the plan. The big colored squares represent the shirts.

EQ Scores again
Here are the shirts before I cut them. I laid them out to see if I was happy with the balance of colors.

Can you guess the school colors? ha ha
I got the blocks cut out and almost finished by my 6pm quitting time. There's always tomorrow...

Shirts are prepped and ready to cut down to size

Blocks in progress.
The quilting machine whirred along while I was doing the blocks, and I finished quilting a big piece of fabric a customer is using to make a kimono style robe from. Cool!!

I understand this panel goes on the back of the robe.

Its really hard to see the pattern. It is very oriental!

The backing (lining) is this gold and pink floral.
Walking back to the house, I couldn't help but take a couple of pictures of the Spring flowers blooming in the back yard. Everything is starting to bud or flower! 

Pretty pansies...

Fluffy phlox!

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