Monday, April 10, 2017

Ducks in a row

We have been catching up on our workload and getting our many quilt-ducks in line! Mr Wazoo has been quilting most days, but he has also been waking up the gardens and cleaning up the yard. Here is what he has been up to...
This pretty-in-pink batik quilt was the first one he finished while our daughter was here.

Panto: Primrose swirl

I like this chain pattern

Panto: Rosie

This is the second quilt with this pattern this month!
This one is really pretty, too.

Panto: Alfresco

Ooh la la!! I love the colors in this sampler!!

The border fabric is the same beautiful one I chose for my last quilt!

Panto: Bubbles

There were two of these quilts. A sweet story;
The quilter's daughter is adopting a baby. There is a
quilt for the new baby, and one for the birth mother.

Panto: Popcorn

Here are both quilts, quilted and ready to go home.
Meanwhile, I was still quilting the geometric, colorful quilt. if you don't think it is a lot of work, just look at all the threads I used!! The bulk of the quilting was done with the Glide thread on the far left.

Glide, King Tut, So Fine, Signature, Omni and Perma Core.
I like them all!!
I finished the quilt around noon and was happy to see it trimmed and off the frame. I hope the customer likes it.

This is a stunning quilt.

A peek at the back. Even Mr Wazoo said, "Impressive" when I showed it to him.
After lunch, I had some time for my own sewing (on Sunday, I am usually sewing, not quilting) and set to work on the April UFO. I dreaded the month the moderator chose this one...Hummingbird, by Darlene Zimmerman. I took a class years ago and cut all the background pieces wrong. When the blocks are sewn together, the points of the 'birds' will be cut off. There is no way to fix the problem without cutting all new background bits. Not gonna happen. Besides, the quilt has so many small pieces, I didn't want to start over. Needless to say, the quilt is going to be much smaller than anticipated. I made the rest of the blocks that I had cut out, and started to arrange them on the design wall. The setting triangles have several parts, too. All this work for beakless birds!!

trim, trim, trim...

to get this.

Next session, I'll make the sashing and setting triangles.
Its getting there.
After work, I enjoyed some yard-time. The dogwood is opening up and the other plants are filling in. A sure sign of Spring is the neighbor's trail cam catch. Mr Bear enjoying himself during the night in their back yard! Eek! I hope he doesn't like to walk up steep slopes...he'd have to do that to get to our yard. I don't think Molly would be keen to meet a bear.

The dogwoods are appropriately blooming in time for Easter

Front yard

Back yard

Yogi. Chillin' in the night.

Time to move on.
This is the only wildlife I like to see!

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