Wednesday, April 26, 2017


We're here!! My friend didn't win a big prize, but she was a finalist and we went to the award ceremony last night. Hmmmm...I'm perplexed with some of the winners, but I think when I see them in person, I'm sure I'll understand why they won. Some of the winners are fabulous. This is definitely the Louvre of quilts. Better than anything I could ever hope to make. The Japanese are well represented again, especially with hand quilted beauties.
I will add a slide show later. We are off to the big show this morning, and I'm sure our feet won't feel so good later today! Here are just a few shots from last night's sneak peek.

The privilidged crowd who paid to go to the sneak peek waiting to get in.

My friend Kay with her quilt, Somewhere My Love.

This quilt didn't win a prize, but I laughed when I read the title...

We figure her husband said, "Are you still working on that damn quilt?!"
We don't want to think the quilter said anything bad about it...

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