Monday, May 29, 2017

Beautiful music makes work wonderful.

I finally got the Pandora radio to work properly on my not-so-smart TV in the studio! Instead of the talking heads yapping it up, I listened to the Judy Collins network, which plays all my favorite artists. Heavenly!
Because it was so Zen in the studio, I got oodles of work done. I prepped the tee shirts for the customer quilt, while the APQS chugged away on this quilt. It looks familiar because I have done a very similar one lately.

This panel and matching blocks are really pretty

The digital panto is called Early Spring

This shows it a bit better

Coordinated backing, too!
After I finished this, I custom quilted a very small quilt by the same customer. Now, all her quilts are ready to go home!

Very soothing colors.

I enjoyed doing the quilt...
probably because it is tiny!

A look at the back.
I have a third quilt about half done, but was too pooped to continue after 6:00.

The half done job.
Tomorrow, I hope to figure out what to do with the tee shirts.

You may be wondering what Mr Wazoo was up to all day. He took advantage of the rain stopping for a while and worked on putting the walkway to the back steps back together. It is a puzzle I'm glad to NOT have to take part in!

It is coming along. He won't be back at it for a week or so.
My daughter comes tomorrow and they leave for Oregon on Thursday.
And it is raining again tonight...good for quilting tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful quilts!! I SO enjoy seeing everything you are doing and the beautiful quilts you get to work on.

  2. Thanks! I'm whittling down the massive queue of quilts while the man is away. Good thing I love what I do!


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